Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chestnut Cream Cake at Cloak & Petal

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and with love in the air and heart-shaped boxes flying off the shelves, it’s time to start planning for the big day! With so many restaurants to choose from in San Diego’s booming culinary scene, it can be hard to choose the perfect spot for a romantic night with your loved one. Take a day off from your month-long cleanse and let your sweet tooth do the choosing; treat your sweet to one of these extravagant desserts at some of San Diego’s top dining destinations!

If a western-chic eatery sounds like your ideal V-Day destination, look no further than Wood Ranch in Mission Valley. Favored for its lively and rustic atmosphere matched with uniquely honed dishes, this local go-to caters to barbecue fanatics, veggie-lovers and avid sweet-seekers alike! Slink into one of their picturesque booths, and cozy up to your honey as you share a slice of their Warm Chocolate Cake, a rich serving Flourless Guittard chocolate cake, topped with house-glazed candied pecans and fluffy whipped cream, and accompanied by creamy vanilla bean ice cream.

Dine in elegance with your true love this Valentine’s Day, and makeOsetra Seafood & Steaks your dessert destination. Nestled in San Diego’s happening Gaslamp District, this dining staple has garnered a vast following of loyal patrons, whose love for the restaurant’s superb cuisine has been a gleaming testament to the eatery’s 24 years of business. Prepare to heat things up with Osetra’s Melting Hot Chocolate Lava Cake, which comes filled with decadent melted chocolate, and is served alongside vanilla gelato.

A new addition to Little Italy’s growing culinary scene is Cloak & Petal, an eclectic dining hot-spot. Japanese social dining” style. The venue is clad in edgy artwork that seamlessly complements the true-to-size cherry blossom tree that canopies the bar. Aside from the venue’s clear aesthetic draw, their menu brims with ingenuity that extends into their dessert selection. Treat your sweetheart to their Chestnut Cream Cake, plated with vanilla butter cream, chestnut jam, sponge cake, vanilla ice cream and a green tea macaroon

For the city’s hopeless ramen-tics, Tajima’s five locations around San Diego are perfect for couples who want to slurp and savor a steaming bowl of ramen in honor of their one-of-a-kind romance. Plus, as all Lady and the Tramp fans can attest, there is definitely a place for noodles in the realm of romance. Sweeten the deal and delight in an order of Mochi Ice Cream, a vibrant bowl of vanilla, green tea, mango, strawberry and chocolate mochi ice cream balls.

Don’t skimp on the indulgences this Valentine’s Day, and be sure to treat your sweet at these local eateries with flavorsome desserts that go unmatched!