Unique Distillery opens in East Village

You & Yours Distilling Co. recently opened its distillery and tasting room in San Diego’s East Village. California’s first urban destination distillery, You & Yours is owned and operated by Laura Johnson – one of the country’s few female distillers – and co-founder, Luke Mahoney. The distillery seeks to provide high-quality, trustworthy spirits made with sustainable practices and top-notch raw ingredients. 

“I chose the name ‘You & Yours’ for my first distilling venture as a nod to the spirits’ underlying purpose: to provide a setting where friends and family can come together, enjoy an elevated imbibing experience, and maybe learn a little something along the way – whether it be about craft distilling, cocktail culture or each other. By You & Yours, for you and yours,” explains Johnson.

Utilizing a custom-built hybrid eau de vie still, You & Yours’ flagship products mimic California’s modern and refreshing atmosphere with bright and fresh flavors. You & Yours will be launching with an American-style gin and vodka.

Products include:

  • Sunday Gin is You & Yours’ flagship American-style gin. Citrus forward with plenty of piney, familiar juniper and a sophisticated floral finish thanks to rose hip and other fresh florals. Additional botanicals include traditional coriander for a gentle hint of spice and not-so-traditional fresh mint for brightness. The end result is a modern, juicy and highly drinkable gin. 
  • Y&Y Vodka is You & Yours flagship vodka, consisting of a unique, proprietary blend of three distillates. American corn lays a smooth and subtly sweet foundation, potato lends a rich, creamy mouth feel and California grapes provide an elegant floral finish.

In addition to Johnson, the team at You & Yours Distilling Co. consists of co-founder Luke Mahoney (entrepreneur, marketing expert and hospitality veteran), and Chris Frierson and trevor Bowles, a duo of former Consortium barmen heading up the cocktail program and tasting room operations.  On the production side, Johnson is supported by remote distilling consultant Anthony Cano (Death’s Door Spirits, Ascendant Spirits). 

Located at 1495 G Street in San Diego, You & Yours’ tasting room is open to the public Thursday & Friday from 4PM – 10PM and Saturday & Sunday from 12PM – 10 PM for tasting flights, cocktails and bottle sales. 


Founded by Laura Johnson in 2015, You & Yours Distilling Co. is California’s first urban destination distillery, committed to crafting high quality spirits. Led by one one of the country’s few female distillers, Johnson saw an opportunity to open You & Yours because of the deep-rooted loyalty to local products that continue to thrive here in America’s Finest City. Utilizing a custom-build hybrid eau de vie still, You & Yours creates products for everyone with the goal of producing spirits that will delight and impress at all types of social gatherings. You & Yours was created for the purpose of bringing people together over elevated imbibing experiences, which became the foundation for the distillery’s name. By You & Yours, for you and yours.