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BBQ With A Twist

National BBQ Month
Duck Dive Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

With warm days and summer on the horizon, there’s no better way to kick off National BBQ Month than eating some great barbecue at these San Diego restaurants.

Brazen BBQ in Hillcrest is bringing the heat to National BBQ Month. The pit masters at Brazen BBQ create smoky dishes for all to enjoy. Items off of the Smokehouse Pit Specialties menu will knock you off of your feet! The Lone Star Texas Brisket, is a signature dish at Brazen BBQ that includes brisket that has been rubbed down in a house made Brazen rub, smoked for hours and then sliced thin. It’s no surprise that while competing, Brazen BBQ won the praised Rookie of the Year award, finished in California’s top ten and placed in the nation’s top 100.

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Get Your Waffle Fix Today

Brians 24 Waffle Cristo
Brian’s 24 Waffle Cristo

Whether you’re looking for stuffed waffles, healthy waffles or a waffle sandwich, these San Diego restaurants are sure to have a waffle that satisfies your craving!

It’s easy to get your waffle fix at Brian’s 24. This 24-hour diner in Gaslamp recreates the classic waffle and the French croque-monsieur with the Waffle Cristo.  Enjoy thinly-sliced ham and cheddar jack cheese between two halves of a bacon waffles topped with powdered sugar and served with a side of extra hot French fries. This all-American diner is taking a French classic and giving them a warm U.S.A twist.

Centered on University Avenue in Hillcrest, Uptown Tavern is the best place to be for some wacky waffles. The Red Velvet Waffle is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Stuffed with bacon and cheese and topped with fried sweet plantains, bacon, spiced walnuts, a coconut milk reduction, garlic butter and Woodford Reserve maple syrup. Uptown Tavern will be making your cheeks blush with these velvety waffles.

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