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Located a block from the ocean and bay in the Mission Beach community of San Diego, CA, Swell Cafe features small batch artisan in-house roasted coffees, fresh and healthy breakfast and lunch, including smoothies, acai, and a special cold brew coffee. The crew is a friendly group of well trained baristas and passionate chefs. The outdoor patio features a living green wall, custom photo tables and the ocean breeze. Welcome to what San Diego is all about!

About the Coffee

Swell serves the finest local-roasted, small batch, artisan quality coffee beans while supporting sustainable practices. Their coffee sourcing goes above and beyond when it comes to fair and direct trade and treatment of coffee farmers.

Direct Trade – Coffee sourcing method where coffee company purchases green coffee directly from the farmer.

Seed-to-Cup – Coffee that is usually very high quality and can be traced from the type of tree grown, the farm, the farmers and their family and team, trade route, and processing and handling of the coffee beans from harvest to brewing.

Fair Trade – This certificated is debatable about whether it actually helps coffee farmers.  It is a labeling system whereby coffee is certified, after importation usually, for production standards.

UTZ Certification – Coffee certification that demonstrated the coffee is sustainable and traceable from farm, to producer, to consumer.

USDA Organic – Certifies that the coffee is produces without the aid of artificial substances, such as certain additives, or some pesticides and herbicides.

Rainforest Alliance – NGO that certifies coffee crops are produces in harmony with their environment through minimizing deforestation, environmental destruction, and also sustainable and equal rights in farming methods and labor.

“Bird Friendly” by the Smithsonian Institution Migratory Bird Center – Coffee that is sourced from shade-grown, organic farms.  This organization actually coined the term “sustainable coffee”.

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