Soulful Sweet ‘n Salty Dishes

Uptown Tavern Chicken ‘N’ Waffle

With complex flavor varieties constantly manifesting in the culinary realm, chefs’ use of flavor layering has brought forth some of San Diego’s most beloved and coveted dishes. While sweet and salty seems awry for many, the outcome of such experimentation may shock and even shatter some of their preconceived taste values that stunted their open-mindedness since the fad hit the mainstream. Enjoy the best of what sweet and salty dishes have to offer at these San Diego restaurants that don’t adhere to flavor fear!

A vibrant hotspot nestled in Hillcrest’s eclectic neighborhood, Uptown Tavern is furnished with modern fixtures and sleek designs. For a sweet and salty escape to southern-style cuisine, indulge in their Chicken and Waffle, a freshly pressed waffle stuffed with bacon and cheese, served with tempura battered chicken topped with garlic butter and whiskey maple syrup. A dreamy intermingling of umami melded with classic tempura batter chicken flavor and a sweet drizzle of maple syrup, this dish showcases sweet and salty at its finest.

A trendy eatery that’s no stranger to creative combinations, Union Kitchen & Tap in Encinitas offers a modern environment melded with coastal influences, to yield a cozy and inviting restaurant for all guests. With sweet and salty on the mind, enjoy a light lunch with their Local Greens salad, mixed with cucumber, tomato, candied pecans, goat cheese, topped with a crispy egg and dressed in red wine vinaigrette. A melding of lightly salted elements from creamy goat cheese and egg mixed with sweet and acidic notes from vinaigrette and candies pecans, this dish has it all.

If wings are your thing, head over to Pillbox Tavern in Solana Beach. Exuding beachy vibes, this neighborhood hangout is known for its array of inventive wing sauces paired with its laidback atmosphere. Try wings tossed in Maple Bourbon Bacon sauce, made with pure maple syrup infused with bourbon and bacon. This sauce’s excellence lies in its ability to seamlessly pair salty and umami notes from the bacon with bourbon and maple syrup.

Seeking something different for breakfast? Look no further than Breakfast Republic in Encinitas, a quirky eatery serving up dishes unlike others around the city. Start the day right with their Mr. Presley French toast, stuffed with peanut butter and topped with banana fosters and bacon. With sweet and salty toppings like these, there’s no doubt that Breakfast Republic has mastered the concept.

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