Societe Brewing Launches First Light Beer

Courtesy photo

Societe Brewing Company comes in with a new light beer that’s earned big accolades straight out the gate. Named without frills, fanfare or fiction, Light Beer (4.5% abv) was inspired by the easy-drinking, low-ABV lawnmower beers of yesteryear. It’s currently available for delivery and pick-up at Societe’s Kearny Mesa taproom located at 8262 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, and slated for availability at retail locations from the San Diego-Baja border to Santa Barbara, CA beginning January 19 via a new distribution agreement with Stone Distributing Company.

The nationally award-winning brewery, with three signature beers (highly decorated IPA “The Pupil”; a blonde named “The Harlot” and aforementioned “The Coachman”), a quarterly rotational IPA and a selection of Belgians, lagers, dark ales and barrel-aged sours, is devoted to the art of classic brewing. Perhaps surprisingly, Societe’s team invested more time in research and development for Light Beer than any of its previous beers, including highly decorated The Pupil, which put the company on the map.