Pretty In Pink

Park 101

Wearable and edible, the color pink is an instant mood lifter. There must be some cardinal law against frowning while having the color pink in hand or on your person. So where do you find this edible and drinkable hue around San Diego? We have you covered with a few of our favorite pink picks!

Oh, cotton candy. This sugar-loaded treat brings smiles for miles with its pastel colors, delightful taste and fluffy texture. It brightens any child’s day and brings back nostalgic memories for adults. This special indulgence is typically granted only once in a while, so make your next visit even more special by hitting up the cotton candy machine at the newly-opened Park 101 in Carlsbad. Bring the whole fam because kids get the stuff for free after they finish their meal. And what’s for mom and dad you may ask? Order up a Frozé for a fun and tasty way to enjoy something pink. Park is the new go-to neighborhood spot for friends and family in the heart of the village. They’re pup-friendly, too. This 8,000-sq. ft. multi-use plaza-style complex is now a landmark destination for locals and visitors who are looking for a deliciously relaxing place to hang out, with something for everyone.

Over by the beach on a Saturday and Sunday? Don’t miss out on the pink party at Miss B’s Coconut Day Club. With Miami Vice specials during the afternoon, you can’t go wrong. This slushy concoction is part strawberry Daiquiri and part Piña Colada, which makes for one fantastic blend of flavors. Pink and white twist together for a swirl of a good time. Get your vice on this weekend at Miss B’s!

For those looking for a non-alcoholic yet refreshingly pink beverage, Del Sur Mexican Cantina has you covered! They have a nice list of Agua Frescas including Cucumber Mint Fresca, Spicy Mango Fresca and a Smokey Pineapple Cilantro Fresca. But the one we have our eye on is the Watermelon Basil Fresca. These drinks are a more healthful option to sodas and are making an appearance on a few drink menus in San Diego. The Agua Frescas at Del Sur are some of the best ones in town!