Pizza in Point Loma

Mr. Moto Pizza in Point Loma
Mr. Moto Pizza (courtesy photo)

Mr. Moto Pizza  is now open at Rosecrans and Shelter Island Drive in Point Loma. The 1250 sq. ft. space will serve up delicious pies, pastas and more, while also catering to health-conscious diners.

After a triumphant win at the inaugural Gourmet Pizza Fest held at Liberty Station in 2016, when Mr. Moto took the title “Best Gourmet Pizza in San Diego,” the pizza guru was certain he had the “recipe for success.” All three Mr. Moto Pizza House locations carry the same menu and cool vibe—just don’t expect any of them to look or feel like other pizza places.

Gibran “Mr. Moto” Fernandez and his family have diversified the brand from the cliché red and white checkered “Italian” tablecloth concept, and avoid replicating mediocre menus found at national “Grab-and-Go” pizza chains. Uncommon ingredients like truffle oil, burrata and mascarpone cheese are found on their pies, along with drizzles of sweet balsamic glaze or raspberry chipotle sauce. Everything is made from scratch and the menu offers classic Italian fare with a modern twist. Masterfully created whole “Specialty Pies” are steadfast at Mr. Moto Pizza House along with the coveted “Pizza of the Month;” a limited-release pie created each month by Mr. Moto himself.

Every item at Mr. Moto Pizza House is uniquely created, even down to the garlic knots. Unlike traditional knots, these fan favorites feature rosemary, giving them a piney aroma and sharp, savory taste. For a snack that feels like a meal, try the innovative “Stuffed Knots” that ooze with mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and pickled jalapeño peppers.

Much of Mr. Moto’s magic lies in his specially prepared dough. His pie’s crust shares the same thinness as East-Coast style pizza, making it easy to fold—without the encircling crunchy edge. Mr. Moto’s crust edge is similar to Ciabatta bread: fluffy, chewy, and delicious. Techniques like these, coupled with fresh, premium ingredients, make the Mr. Moto Pizza House experience one to remember. He’s looking forward to sharing his pies, restaurant and  with his new neighbors in Point Loma.

1166 Rosecrans Street #102/