New Seasonal Cocktails

Seasonal Cocktail
Seasonal Cocktail: Curadero Que Pasa Calabaza (courtesy photo)

Lead Bartender Alex Gregg puts his spirit knowledge and creativity to good use in his debut menu for Curadero. The seasonal menu features just under a dozen sippers that are perfect for cool weather. Start with one of the new agave forward drinks, like his frothy and vegan Verdita Fizz or the La Lechedora. A fall cocktail menu wouldn’t be complete without an ode to pumpkin. Gregg added a mai tai with a seasonal twist in his Que Pasa Calabaza – brugal 1888, roasted pumpkin spice orgeat, lime, curacao and bitters. The Jubilee Cup is a festive cocktail to toast to, as is the Forty Four Buck with spring 44 gin. The new cocktails from Gregg and his team are available for sipping now.