New San Diego Speakeasy Hotspot

Realm of the 52 Remedies in San Diego
Realm of the 52 Remedies (Facebook)

Realm of the 52 Remedies is a new San Diego speakeasy hotspot serving cocktails and shared plates inspired by the flavors and artistry of the Far East. This intriguing and fashionable new San Diego hotspot with its entrance located inside Common Theory Public House—already one of the most popular destinations in the Convoy District—will transport visitors from the future to the past where ancient herbal “remedies” and other unique natural ingredients are cherished and shared.

The grand opening is slated for December 10th and will serve as the official introduction to the public with a mysterious and excitingly extensive range of cocktails. The menu is inspired by the classics—present to past from around the globe—as well as an exclusive selection of “52 Remedies Secret Prescriptions” showcasing the alchemy of Asian ingredients.

“The mission for Realm of the 52 Remedies is to really elevate the nightlife experience in the neighborhood while still providing a welcoming environment where anyone will feel comfortable and excited to be,” said Cris Liang, co-owner and co-creator of Realm of the 52 Remedies and Common Theory. “Both the environment and the menu selections will keep guests mystified with surprises and new discoveries no matter how many times they visit.”

Craft Cocktail at Realm of the 52 Remedies in San Diego
Cocktail at 52 Remedies (courtesy photo)

Unlike the traditional hidden speakeasy door, this conspicuous entrance, located inside Common Theory, is positioned purposely as a bit of a tease and a level of semi-transparency and austerity that almost insists that guests investigate further. Upon entering, guests are immediately brought from the present into the “realm”, an all-white streamlined apothecary of the future with shelves showcasing exotic herbs and tonics to smell and touch as well as unique merchandise for purchase. Guests must then find their way through a series of surprises as only designer Michael Soriano, renowned for his elaborate hidden entrances, can do. Soriano, the owner of Onairos Design, leads the design of the project working closely with Pacific Point Construction to create this bold concept.

The path ultimately leads guests into a chic 1920’s speakeasy with elements influenced by Chinese and Korean cultures from much further back in time. The space contains private group seating that resembles a giant lotus flower, as well as elevated private booths created from rustic timbers adorned with silk and flickering lanterns. A detailed textured plaster sculpture created by Heidi Brucks from H2 Finishes depicts a mountainscape directly behind the backlit bright green jade bar and large clouds suspended from the ceiling hover over the central seating area.

About Realm of the 52 Remedies

From the creators of Common Theory: Cris Liang and Joon Lee. Realm of the 52 Remedies transports visitors through time where secret concoctions stimulating vitality and vigor are developed, protected, and prescribed. The speakeasy conjures mystifying and surprising images around every corner, beginning with an apothecary of the future, treasuring traditional medicinal treatments and methodologies, later to reveal a mysterious path to the past leading to where it all began. Serving cocktails and small plates inspired by the flavors, unique ingredients, and artistry of the Far East, enter a world not seen by many before and perhaps discover the cure to what ails you.

Realm of the 52 Remedies is located at 4805 Convoy Street inside Common Theory and is open daily from 5pm until 2am. For more information or to make reservations, visit ( or call (619-535-0118). Reservations are highly suggested.

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