New Micheline’s Pita House In La Jolla

Courtesy photo

Micheline’s Pita House, La Jolla, was founded by Micheline Mattar in 2015 after her relocation to San Diego from Phoenix, Arizona.  As a chef and a business woman for 20+ years of her career in the food services industry, Micheline opened her fourth restaurant in La Jolla, California (past restaurants: 1 in Los Angeles and 2 in Phoenix, Arizona).  With her continued passion for creating new recipes, Micheline once again out did herself with her latest menu of healthy Mediterranean recipes, inspired by San Diego’s modern culture and healthy lifestyle.

Micheline was looking to create a unique concept that combines quality and healthy food with Mediterranean ingredients so she recreated the beef shawarma with prime ribeye steak and the chicken shawarma with naturally raised chicken only, and ingredients shipped directly from vendors in the Mediterranean to combine the great quality meat with the full flavors of the Mediterranean.  For healthy recipes Micheline focused on creating vegetarian and vegan options, which include quinoa, lentils and garbanzo beans, made fresh every day.

“Our food is made fresh every day. When we first created our menu we wanted to combine my family’s authentic Mediterranean recipes with San Diego healthy lifestyle. So with some research and many trial and errors we were able to create an array of delicious choices that you can pick and choose to adapt to your health needs, without sacrificing flavor. Pure enjoyment with no guilt!”

By Micheline Mattar:  Micheline was quick to realize the love of San Diegans to her new creation and the success of Micheline’s Pita House’s first San Diego location at 4150 Regents Park Row, Suite #120, La Jolla, CA 92037, which laid the groundwork for her fifth restaurant in Solano Beach.  Micheline’s Pita House is proud to be a women led business announcing the coming of their new restaurant, with plans to open its doors to the beach community of Solana Beach in the next couple of months.

Address: 4150 Regents Park Row Suite #120, La Jolla, CA 92037