New Culinary Era at THE MED

Courtesy photos

For decades La Valencia has been a renowned San Diego dining destination for exceptional cuisine served alongside breathtaking ocean views. Over the years, their dining scene has evolved considerably, both in cutting edge food and in the diner’s experience. Today, the arrival of a fresh, hand-selected culinary team has brought forth a new culinary era for the iconic hotel and its signature restaurant, THE MED.

The new generation of culinary talent, led by Executive Chef Alex Emery, have created a playful and masterful dinner menu that pleases the eye, excites the senses, and wows even the most sophisticated of palates. Many selections pay homage to classic culinary dishes with the infusion of modern techniques and presentations. Surf & Turf has taken on new heights with wagyu block beef alongside king crab in lobster thermidor with shellfish cream and caviar, while Paella – a MED institution –  is delivered with saffron croquette, tiger prawn, octopus, mussels, venus clam, crispy prosciutto and sea scallop hitting all the notes of the traditional dish in a decidedly a new form. Artfully plated dishes sure to please, and surprise, include the Cauliflower Panna Cotta + Butterfly Sorrel, Ricotta Gnocchi + Beet Puree, and Stuffed Leek + Pea Veloute.

Desserts at THE MED are a visual wonder that spark curiosity and burst with flavor. Experience Executive Pastry Chef Ginger Niles’ Passion Fruit with almond sable cookie, citrus curd, candied cashews, coconut cream pearls, kaffir powder and passion fruit mango sphere, or the new twist on a Twinkie with yogurt buttermilk cream, popcorn dust, and freeze-dried corn and popcorn ice cream.

THE MED’s new seasonal menu is available now, and served nightly from 5:30pm. The restaurant is located inside the iconic La Valencia Hotel & Spa at 1132 Prospect St. in La Jolla. View the entire dinner menu here.