NEW Canned Cocktail Flavor for Summer

The perfect combination of a refreshing cocktail and a day at the spa, the Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda ($15/4-pack) adds to You & Yours’ ever growing line of RTD offerings. A clean, crisp hit of cucumber and bright, grassy mint provide the perfect backdrop to You & Yours’ 100% grape-based and distilled on-site Y&Y Vodka. Pop the top, take a perfectly fizzy sip and prepare to let your palate be pampered. 
Originally launched in fall 2018, Y&Y canned cocktails are made from all-natural ingredients and You & Yours’ award-winning craft spirits. Additional flavors include:
The Cucumber Mint Vodka Soda (along with the rest of the cans) are available at Y&Y’s East Village tasting room, where spirits are sold throughout SD & California, and online here (while CA is allowing DTC shipping during the pandemic). You & Yours canned cocktails can also be found in TX (founder Laura Johnson’s home state), AR, MA, RI and ME.

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