Naturally Green at Del Sur Mexican Cantina

Courtesy photo

With the luck of the Irish, San Diegans looking for a complete green meal without all the unnatural ingredients can head over to Del Sur Mexican Cantina, located in the heart of South Park. A trifecta of flavors await those looking to celebrate St. Paddy’s day this year! What’s on the menu? From start to finish, these crave-worthy dishes won’t disappoint!

Settle into a seat and order up a side of house made Guacamole. Made with fresh chunks of avocado with tomatoes, cilantro, house pico, fresh lime and garnished with cilantro, this satisfying appetizer will kick off the meal. Get things going by scooping freshly made tortilla chips into your bowl of green goodness!

Say yes to suizas! Bring on the main and order the filling plate of Enchilada Suizas, served with rice and beans. Pulled chicken is mixed in a caramelized tomato sauce, rolled in a corn tortilla, doused in a suiza-style sauce, then topped with cheese, lettuce and pickled onions. There’s nothing unnatural about this green favorite.

Sweet tooth, you say? You’re in luck! Dip your spoons into a special green treat only available this March: Avocado & Lime “Ice Cream.” Simplicity in its creation makes this vegan-friendly ice cream velvety, refreshing and satisfyingly sweet. With only three ingredients – avocado, fresh lime and coconut milk – you know exactly what you’re enjoying.

With St. Paddy’s day around the corner, it’s no secret that there will be copious amounts of green food coloring, cocktails that may or may not be neon in color and other unnaturally green “food” things. Avoid the questionable and settle for a naturally green meal at Del Sur!