National S’mores Day

Farmer’s Table Bonfire Pancakes (courtesy photo)

National S’mores Day is coming up on August 10th, so give in to the allure of San Diego’s dreamy bonfire weather, and treat yourself to the fireside treat at San Diego restaurants featuring their own innovative renditions of the childhood favorite. Check out my top picks for National S’mores Day below!

Situated in the bustling Gaslamp District is barleymash, a lively dining destination that brims with culinary zeal at the hands of its talented chef. Delight in the location’s funky-chic ambiance as you sink your spoon into their S’mores Cheesecake, a smooth and creamy blend of classic s’mores ingredients all melded with devilishly rich cheesecake that will call out to your inner child, while also bestowing an elevated combination for your adulting self.

The Duck Dive in Pacific Beach entices hungry patrons with their laid-back and surf-inspired atmosphere, all matched with crowd-pleasing dishes that exude flavorsome ingredients. Indulge your senses with the real deal and enjoy Tableside S’mores, a dessert option that brings the campfire excitement of making your own s’mores straight to your table. Place your order for two or four people, and prepare to toast your own marshmallows over a portable butane burner, before crafting your delightfully melty delight with all of the chocolate and graham cracker fixings.

If you’re a die-hard s’mores fan with a drive to start your day off right, be sure to spend the morning of National S’mores Day living it up at Breakfast Republic. With seven locations around San Diego, there’s really no excuse to miss out on this unrivaled morning destination. Behold a decadent blend of graham cracker-crusted brioche bread topped with toasted marshmallows and chocolate sauce, an experience only to be had once you’ve devoured a plateful of their S’mores French Toast.

There’s nothing like a great pie, and with s’mores thrown in the mix, your taste buds will make it to flavor heaven in no time. Bring on the bonfire vibes at Union Kitchen & Tap Gaslamp, a trendy destination clad in rustic elements that continues to wow foodies with its delectable fare. Dive into their S’mores Pie and experience a dreamy intermingling of Mexican chocolate mousse, marshmallow fluff and cinnamon, all delicately draped in chocolate sauce and cradled by a graham cracker crust.

La Mesa’s magnetic charm is among the many reasons why Farmer’s Table should be a go-to on this special occasion. Enjoy a magnificent brunch spread surrounded by farm-inspired artwork and handcrafted fixtures indicative of the location’s farm-to-fork focus, and savor their Bonfire Pancakes, smothered in toasted marshmallows and warm chocolate sauce, and sprinkled with graham crackers.

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