Mavericks Beach Club Coming Soon

Courtesy photo

Mavericks Beach Club, formerly known as Pacific Beach Bar and Grill will officially open their doors to patrons at 860 Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach in February 2018. The space will be an indoor and outdoor bar, perfect for cocktails and bites by the beach.

Located in a 15,000-square-foot property, optimized for day and nighttime fun for individuals of all ages, Mavericks Beach Club is another joint venture with David Cohen and, Lingenfelder and Mark Cirillo from the Verant Group. Other Verant locations include barleymash, Tavern, Sandbar Sports Grill, True North Tavern, Westroot, The Smoking Gun, and Spill the Beans.

“We’ve created Mavericks to pay homage to California’s largest surf break and one of the world’s top surfing destinations. Mavericks captures and celebrates California’s infectious beach and surf culture,” said Lingenfelder.

Mavericks is poised to be a top party destination, with five full bars, Baja-inspired food for lunch and dinner, and entertainment for a much-needed getaway. Equipped with coastal-California décor, round tables for community seating, and cozy spots by the outdoor fireplace, Mavericks provides a laidback landscape, welcoming everyone from surfers and sun worshippers, to artists and party people.

“We have an exciting lineup of entertainment events planned for 2018, including block parties with DJs and national touring bands,” said Lingenfelder. “And for those arriving on two wheels, we have a bike valet so you won’t have to fight for that last bike rack at the beach.”

Mavericks will comprehensively offer outdoor games, sports, drinks, food, live music, a dance club, and plenty of space to celebrate California to its fullest.

For more information, visit: Mavericks is located at 860 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109.