Liberty Station Welcomes The Barracks Hotel

Barracks Hotel RenderingSet to debut as San Diego’s new ‘arts hotel,’ The Barracks Hotel will build on the success of Liberty Station’s newly branded ARTS DISTRICT to fashion an ambitious union of art and hospitality. The concept comes together through a highly creative collaboration between San Diego’s leading developer, McMillin, locally based hospitality group, Untitled Hospitality, and Liberty Station’s non-profit NTC Foundation.

An award winning-model for the mixed-use conversion of military bases throughout the country, Liberty Station has become one of San Diego’s most distinctive neighborhoods. The multi-million dollar build out of The Barracks Hotel will restore eight of the ten remaining buildings slated for historic preservation within the Liberty Station neighborhood. Construction on four barracks buildings, three officer’s quarters and a former steam pump house will begin mid 2017 with a projected completion date in late 2018.

As a proud emblem of the local community, The Barracks Hotel will advance the work of property leaseholders, NTC Foundation—whose mission is to promote San Diego’s creative community by providing a home to the city’s most innovative and creative arts and culture organizations. With art as the primary focus, The Barracks Hotel will immerse visitors in both the artistic process and also the final result. From the lobby to the gardens, the pool deck to the guest rooms, both curated and site-specific works will surround guests as they sleep, eat and even check-in and out of this stylish and inspiring standout.   

The Barracks Hotel ushers in a new chapter for one of San Diego’s most influential developers, The Corky McMillin Companies. A new company, which is simply named McMillin, is led by the father-son duo, Scott and Andy McMillin, who will team together to prolong the well-respected reputation of The Corky McMillin Companies. Liberty Station’s 90+ room specialty hotel will be co-owned and operated by Untitled Hospitality, whose CEO, Robert Cartwright, boasts more than 20 years of experience in operations and business development for leading global hotel and leisure companies, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group and Key Hospitality Group. McMillin & Untitled Hospitality are working with locally based architect, Chris Bittner of obr Architecture, to spearhead the design and construction of the property.

The Barracks Hotel will be located within the ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station. For more information about The Barracks Hotel, visit, and stay tuned for more announcements to come by following along on social media: FacebookInstagramTwitter 

Quotes from The Barracks Hotel Partners:

“With The Barracks Hotel, we’re taking an unconventional approach in reviving Liberty Station’s deep-rooted history. We believe the best way to honor the past is to make it personally relevant in the present. Through the concept’s artistic design and modern amenities we aim to create a truly authentic sense of place—after all, we hope to fashion a stay with history, not a stay in it.” — Robert Cartwright, CEO, Untitled Hospitality  

“This new arts hotel on our campus will be San Diego’s newest gathering place for locals and travelers, and it will increase the overall value of the burgeoning ARTS DISTRICT as a visitor destination bringing thousands more people to the project to enjoy the arts, culture and culinary offerings.” — Lisa Johnson, President and CEO, NTC Foundation 

“McMillin is very proud of the success we have achieved at Liberty Station. We are pleased to be working with the NTC Foundation on this project, and we are excited and optimistic about our new partnership with Untitled Hospitality on The Barracks Hotel. Together, we feel this project will create a sense of place that enhances community, generates memorable experiences and brings about inspiring moments for both our guests and our visitors.” — Andy McMillin, CEO, McMillin 

About McMillin: McMillin is a team of collaborators with over 50 years of residential and commercial real estate development experience. McMillin fosters a culture of teamwork, creativity and collaboration. The company believes in giving back to their communities and do so by curating authentic guest experiences where people can indulge their senses, forge stronger connections with family and friends, and enjoy a real sense of belonging.  People shouldn’t have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy life’s simple pleasures; the company’s mission is to create places that allow you to enjoy them daily, elevate the surrounding community and permeate it with inspiration.

About Untitled Hospitality: Untitled Hospitality is a multifaceted hospitality collective that will own, develop and operate specialty hotels nationwide. Based in San Diego, California, Untitled is founded on the principal of collaborating, sharing, and galvanizing the creative process to fashion uncommon hotels that challenge the status quo through bold design, exceptional amenities, interactive guest experiences, familial service and unique location. Founded in 2015 by hotel management and hospitality real estate veteran, Robert Cartwright, alongside President and Chief Development Officer, Dan Klunk, and Chief Hospitality Officer, Hopi Stradling, the collective’s impressive roster currently includes Barracks Hotel at Liberty Station, Stone Hotel in Escondido, as well as a number of unreleased projects that will make their debut in the year to come.

About NTC Foundation: The NTC Foundation was established in 2000 by the City of San Diego as a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation to enrich the lives of San Diegans by renovating 26 historic buildings at the former Naval Training Center to create, facilitate and operate a broad-based complex focused on experiencing the arts, culture, and creativity that are the hallmark of the San Diego region.

About ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station: A burgeoning hub for life and culture in San Diego, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station is a unique destination filled with nearly 120 galleries, museums, artists, studios, makers, creators and distinctive dining experiences. This new gathering place, set within 360 waterfront acres of the former Naval Training Center, features historic Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, vast landscaped open spaces and plenty of free parking. From artists and dancers to boutique shops, a historic golf course, seasonal holiday ice rink, an array of community event venues, luxury cinemas, local restaurants and a public market, the ARTS DISTRICT abounds with entertainment, annual festivals and innovative cultural and culinary experiences.