Italian Autumn Menu At Officine Buona Forchetta

While it might not quite be time to bust out those sweaters and scarves, the start of September welcomes a craving for for all things warm, cozy and spiced. At Officine Buona Forchetta, the spin-off to the wildly popular South Park trattoria, chef and co-owner Mario Cassineri brings an Italian autumn right to your plate with the debut of new fall specials inspired by his homeland. From a Wild Boar Ragu to a series highlighting Porcini Mushroom season in Tuscany, take a bite out of autumn at this Liberty Station hotspot!


Wild Boar Ragu 

Hunting season is a game changer in Tuscany means that game like wild boar is on the menu. Recreating a classic recipe, Chef Mario’s pappardelle al ragù di cinghiale features wide ribbons of pappardelle pasta topped with a slow-cooked wild boar ragu sauce – one that’s been simmering on the open flame for hours.

Pumpkin & Provolone Pizza 

Pancetta, pumpkin puree, provolone

Pumpkin, provolone, and pancetta come together in this fall-inspired pizza. A creamy pumpkin sauce makes the perfect base for this Neapolitan-style pie, while provolone cheese and sliced pancetta offer a spicy complement to this autumn-centeric creation.

Fig & Prosciutto Pizza 

Fig, prosciutto di parma, stratega burrata, mozzarella

Sweet and salty ingredients collide to create this classic Italian pizza topping combo. Using freshly-picked market figs, imported prosciutto, decadent burrata and creamy mozzarella to create a mouth-watering pie that channels quintessential fall vibes, with a side of Tuscan flavor.

Porcini Mushroom Season: Rib Eye + Tenderloin 

During the fall, Tuscany comes alive with forgers and hunters seeking wild porcini mushrooms. These special fungi flourish in Northern Italy’s temperate environment, and every year, chefs across Italy offer up porcini dishes to commemorate the season. At Officine, Chef Mario is using imported mushrooms to create everything from sauces to side dishes, incorporating fresh porcini into his specials night-at-after night. First up: a grilled Ribeye with a porcini mushroom sauce.

ABOUT OFFICINE BUONA FORCHETTA: A spin-off of the beloved South Park eatery, Officine Buona Forchetta blends award winning Neapolitan-style pies and Northern Italian upscale entrees in a family-friendly, approachable space. Located in the heart of Liberty Station, the 2,600-square foot restaurant boasts two oversized patios, offering families their very own seating complete with playground and a secure space to romp while parents enjoy their meals. Inside, two gilded ovens, helmed by Pizza World Champion and Pizzaiolo Marcello Avitabile, churns out classic creations, while the main kitchen serves up chef-driven entrees at an affordable price point. Partners Matteo Cattaneo and Mario Cassineri brought the Italian warehouse-style eatery to life with industrial seating, hand-drawn murals, and a vintage Fiat repurposed into a table for two. Officine Buona Forchetta serves lunch and dinner Monday – Thursday from 12 – 3 p.m. and 5 – 9:30 p.m., Friday from 12 – 3 p.m. and 5 – 10:30 p.m., Saturday 12 – 10:30 p.m., and Sunday 12 – 9 p.m.

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