Happy Hollandaise

Breakfast Company Fried Rice Benedict
Breakfast Company Fried Rice Benedict

There is no better way to celebrate the season than indulging in a decadent breakfast benedict to keep you fueled through all the festivities. So whether you’re looking for a traditional benedict or a benny with a twist, we’ve got you covered:

Breakfast Republic, known for their love of all-things egg-related, leads the way with their Crab & Crawfish Cake Benedict. Flawlessly poached eggs are topped with blackberry-jalapeño jam and guajillo, and served over a sourdough English muffin, with a gluten-free Hollandaise sauce. Add avocado and tomato for a few extra bucks, and enjoy it all with a side of Breakfast Republic’s one-of-a-kind house potatoes.

Always embracing the beauty of simplicity, Farmer’s Bottega, tucked away in the Mission Hills neighborhood, offers their Short Rib Benedict– a mouthwatering must-try! In lieu of the traditional English muffin, enjoy a creamy bed of lemongrass polenta, topped with slow braised short rib, drizzled generously with chipotle Hollandaise. If you’re looking for a benedict to bow-down to, now you know where to find it!

Enjoy your benedict with a view, when you dine where Grand meets the sand, at Pacific Beach Shore Club. Try their Smoked Salmon Benny, a pescatarian’s paradise with perfectly smoked salmon and scallions on top of a crispy English muffin, drizzled with a hearty Hollandaise sauce. Kick back and keep it simple at the beach this winter, while the rest of the country trudges through the cold and snow.

Breakfast Company, nestled in North Park, is known for their twist on traditional breakfast food. Behold their oh-so-popular and most frequently ordered dish, the Fried Rice Benedict. Crispy ham, sambal hollandaise, pickled radish salad and two expertly poached eggs are served on a hangover-curing bed of fried rice. ‘Tis the season for sharing, but this is a benedict you’ll want all to yourself. It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes!

Feeling fancy? Toast Gastrobrunch in coastal Carlsbad, offers the Duck Duck Benny. Duck confit is impeccably laced with mushrooms, scallions, a flavorful hollandaise sauce, and truffle oil. Yes, you read that correctly – truffle oil. Pair your upscale benny with one of their signature piscos and raise a glass to Toast!

Pacific Beach Ale House offers a veggie-packed SoCal Benedict for those who don’t want to over-indulge during the winter months. Effortlessly poached eggs and asparagus are accompanied by a creamy avocado smash, spinach and herb hollandaise, all served atop a toasted English muffin. Since it’s almost always beach weather here in sunny San Diego, you can soak up the SoCal sunshine without the glutenous guilt.