Fish Mongers Share Grilling Tips for Summer

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With warmer weather knocking at our doors, it’s no surprise beaches are bustling with locals, and backyard barbeques are popping up left and right.  When you want to skip the restaurant and cook up a killer meal to enjoy under the sun, what’s better than a grilled fish tacos? We talked to the boys over at PB Fish Shop, Hermosa Beach Fish Shop and The Fish Shop Encinitas for a few expert grilling tips. These fish mongers know how to make the perfect fish taco and now you can too!

When placing your fish on the grill, make sure it’s hot and well-oiled so that the fish does not stick and fall apart on you.  Also, pay close attention to your cook time. Cook times vary depending on the size of the fillet and the type of fish.”

– Chef Martin Duren, Hermosa Beach Fish Shop

“Two of the best fish to grill are going to be swordfish and ahi seared. These come out looking like juicy steaks. For these we recommend a spicy dry rub. Our favorite here is the fish shop seasoning which is a Cajun dry rub with brown sugar.”

-Chef Juan Munoz, Pacific Beach Fish Shop 

“The best type  fish to grill for fish tacos is a firm white fish like mahi mahi or Hawaiian ono. This will ensure the fish does not fall apart on the grill. We recommend cutting your fillet into two ounce portions.”

-Chef Daniel Medina, Encinitas Fish Shop

When selecting your fish at any market you want to make sure the meat and blood are not brown. That is a sign of the fish getting old. Another good check is to ask whoever is serving you when the fish came in to help determine freshness. Generally fish is fresh for up to three days. You can always count on the freshest cuts at The Fish Shop.

-Chef Ventura Lopez, Pacific Beach Fish Shop

A good question to ask is where the fish is from and what specific fisheries the fish is purchased at. We use reputable fisheries such as San Diego Seafood and try to ensure that all fish is sustainably caught. Check out for sustainability education.

-Chef Jose Mejida, Pacific Beach Fish Shop

Head over to any Fish Shop location (Hermosa Beach, Pacific Beach or Encinitas) and peruse the fish case for the best catch! The friendly staff will cut and weigh out the fish of your choice. Don’t forget to take home some of their delicious seasonings so you can bring the experience to you own home. Don’t forget to pick up all the fixin’s on your way home to hit it out of the park: fresh lime, avocado, cabbage, pico de gallo, crema and your favorite salsa. An ice cold cerveza (or two!) to wash it all down will complete the SoCal fish taco experience.

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