Finding The Impossible Burger

Vegan DBL Cheeseburger Wrap at WhipHand
Vegan DBL Cheeseburger Wrap at WhipHand

The Impossible Burger- it’s the meatless patty that continues to gain momentum across the country. With the increased demand for the plant-based burgers, comes the continued talk of a nationwide shortage. Luckily for Impossible Burger enthusiasts, these San Diego eateries are making it possible for you to continue to enjoy the meatless burger alternative.

Reap the health benefits of the vegan approach to burgers with the Veggie Burger at Pacific Beach Shore Club. The vegan patty-based burger is a hit with herbivores and carnivores alike, as most can’t tell the difference. The burger is complete with lettuce, tomato, vegan mayo, vegan American cheese and served on a vegan bun.

Double down on the plant-based burger with the Vegan DBLCheeseburger Wrap at WhipHand in East Village. Stacked high, the ground Impossible beef is wrapped with Bibb lettuce and offered with cashew cheese for the ultimate vegan experience.

Turn any burger into an Impossible Burger at Pacific Beach AleHouse. The brewpub offers the all-natural vegan patty as an option on every sandwich, including the Nacho Burger– featuring queso sauce, roasted jalapeno, pico de gallo, and crispy tortilla on a brioche bun.

No need to wonder “where’s the beef” when biting into the Meatless Burger at Toast. This Carlsbad gem is serving up the vegetarian burger garnished with red leaf, cheddar, tomato, grilled onion and side of fries.

For a meatless approach on a classic burger cheeseburger, head to Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza in Mission Valley. The restaurant offers the fresh off the grill Impossible patty, served with lettuce, cheddar, thousand island dressing on a Bread & Cie brioche bun.