Finding Pancakes

Breakfast Company Tiramisu Pancake (courtesy photo)

Mark your calendars—February 25th marks National Pancake Day! Indulge at these local hot spots to get your sugar fix:

Pioneer of all-things-breakfast and boasting countless locations throughout Southern California, Breakfast Republic offers tantalizing twists on the breakfast staple. Their Oreo Cookie Pancakes are not only nostalgic, but they’re filled to the brim with cream and topped with Oreo cookie crumble, while their Lemon Coconut Pancakes are glazed with lemon zest and roasted coconut flakes. If you’re wonderfully overwhelmed with options, simply order a pancake flight!

In celebration of such a joyous occasion, Toast Gastrobrunch will offer $2 pancakes all day! It’s the perfect opportunity to relish in some of their hallmarks, such as their Red Velvet Cakes, topped with cream cheese frosting, cocoa and powdered sugar, and their Kodiak Cakes, 100% whole grain power cakes, adorned with walnuts and fresh bananas.

If you’re craving summer on a plate, look no further than Farmer’s Bottega, located in the heart of Mission Hills. Their Bonfire Pancakes, made with marshmallows, graham crackers and drizzled with warm chocolate sauce, are sure to satisfy!

Both Breakfast Company locations, North Park and Gaslamp, offer tried and true fan favorites. Their Banana Bread Pancakes are topped with a cream cheese glaze, candied walnuts and warm maple syrup, while theirTiramisu Pancakes are made with mascarpone sabayon and generously drizzled with ladyfinger crumble and espresso syrup.

With locations in La Mesa, Little Italy and Bay Park, and open 365 days a year for brunch, Farmer’s Table knows what they’re doing when it comes to spoiling taste buds. Their palate-pleasing Peach Pancakes are carefully crafted with fresh peaches, candied walnuts and cream. Might we suggest pairing it with a side of their infamous of Man Candy Bacon?!

Bacon lovers should venture over to Feast and Fareway, located in the heart of Coronado, and dive into their Maple Bacon Pancakes – fluffy cakes, showered with a maple glaze and crispy bacon bits. Pair your pancakes with a stunning view of the incredibly iconic Coronado Bridge, for a truly delightful day.

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