Finding Mushrooms

Wild Mushroom French Dip at Barrel Republic
Wild Mushroom French Dip at Barrel Republic

Did you hear, it’s National Mushroom Month? This superfood is taking the spotlight for the month of September and lucky for you – we have gathered some of the most unique fares that include more than just a daily dose of ‘shrooms. Here are 7 Mushroom Dishes that you ‘musht’ try for National Mushroom Month.

With three locations spread across San Diego, it’s likely you may find yourself near Barrel Republic – an All American bar created for craft beer enthusiasts. Their self-pour tap system has revolutionized the beer community by providing an unmatched experience. This month, Barrel Republic is the perfect spot to indulge in mushrooms, with the Wild Mushroom French Dip. The vegan offering is both savory and light, making it the perfect meal.

The art of Japanese cuisine has been perfected by San Diego’s most famous Ramen House – Tajima. Tajima has an entirely customizable menu that lets you create your dream dish of ramen. You get to select from a choice of broth, noodles, and toppings – meaning the possibilities are endless. Add mushrooms to one of their signature bowls to enhance any meal! Their creamy chicken ramen would pair effortlessly with this addition.

Eating out shouldn’t leave you feeling guilty, which is why Farmer’s Table offers a variety of healthy and nutrient rich dishes – many of which incorporate the highly raved superfood. It’s hard to pick a favorite from these fares because you can’t go wrong with any of them! To make things easier, we’ve recommended Pappardelle. The lamb ragu features crispy oyster mushrooms that will having you asking for seconds!

Knowing where your food comes from is a key part in leading a healthy lifestyle. Farmer’s Bottega has made it their mission to inherit the value of carefully crafted fares with simple ingredients. The motto ‘farm to table’ is instilled within the eatery’s values, ensuring the freshest, possible dishes one can offer. Farmer’s Bottega has quite a few mushroom-influenced dishes that are worth mentioning. Their pork belly appetizer includes a potato risotto topped with mushrooms and bacon jus. If you’ve got a bigger appetite, might we suggest their 100% angus beef burger. This burger is no joke – sun dried tomato chutney, grilled portobello mushroom, and truffle cheese – yes please!

Who said mushrooms weren’t romantic? Season up your love life with a date night at Et Voila – a  French bistro that will have you feeling like you belong in Paris. The upscale take on dinner features main courses that offer a delicacy of meats to choose from. For an appetizer that  melts in  your mouth, reach for the Ravioli Aux Champignons– homemade mushroom ravioli, served with white truffle oil, parmesan and port wine mushroom sauce.

Looking for something smaller? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Keeping up with the theme of cultivated charm,Louisiana Purchase reflects a classic French Quarter restaurant with an influence behind New Orleans. The restaurant includes a weekly rotating menu alongside their set fares that keep guests pleasantly refreshed with new cuisine. Those who are looking to snack on small plates are recommended to try their Fried Mushroom Petals. Something as elegant as oyster mushroom petals can be enjoyed by anyone who’s willing to make a trip to Louisiana Purchase!

Uncover the powers from these mighty mushroom dishes for National Mushroom Month!