Finding French Fries

barleymash Bacon Bleu Cheese Fries (courtesy photo)

Whether you fancy a plate of shoestring fries, or prefer to dive into a pile of steak fries, there’s tastiness to be had for all fry connoisseurs. Rev your engines, ladies and gentleman, and prepare to indulge properly with copious amounts of unrivaled fries from these San Diego spots that only have fries for YOU!

Sure, The Taco Stand is known, well, for its flavor-packed tacos, but did you know they have fries that are equally as crave-worthy? Get your carne asada fix with a heaping order of their Carne Asada Fries, piled high with flame-grilled angus steak, fries prepared to perfection, guacamole, sour cream and cheese. The ultimate combo of complementary flavors, this dish is screaming your name at all four festively adorned locations in La Jolla, Encinitas, Downtown and North Park.

Nestled in San Diego’s bustling Gaslamp District, barleymash is the ideal spot to dive into a hearty skillet of their Iron Fries. Clad in trendy décor and bringing innovative flavors to the table, this local spot offers their popular Bacon Bleu Cheese fries, toppled with applewood-smoked bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, green onions, tomatoes, pickled onions, and basil bleu-cheese sauce. A fiesta of flavorsome ingredients that come together for your eating pleasure, this platter of goodness is just what you need to feed your inner fry enthusiast.

Quell your ravenous fry cravings at WESTROOT Tavern in The Village at Pacific Highlands Ranch, and delight in their rustically chic atmosphere as you gorge on their specialty San Diego Fries, loaded with braised short rib, roasted poblano beer cheese, spicy guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream. Characterized by its tribute to San Diego’s culinary flair, this dish is well-suited to the city’s discerning palates, so prepare for perfection at this foodie hotspot.

Ready to have arguably some of the best fries the city has to offer?Wood Ranch in Mission Valley not only brings scrumptious barbecue to San Diego, but anyone who’s ordered a side of their Skin-On Fries, would agree that these magical potato creations bestow the model ratio of crispy to soft, making them the perfect accompaniment to sauce-slathered ribs or one of their hearty sandwiches. If sweet potatoes are your preferred spud, rest assured that Wood Ranch also boasts equally as magnificent Sweet Potato Fries. Pair this with the restaurant’s inherent aesthetic warmth and welcoming vibes, and you’ve got a new French fry go-to.

Are you a sucker for truffle oil? Fig Tree Café in Hillcrest, Pacific Beach and Liberty Station should be the target for your next French fry run. Complete with charming fixtures reminiscent of a lush garden, this eatery features their coveted Truffle Fries, a side order that never fails to steal the show with its intoxicating aroma and addictive flavor combination. Laced with parsley, truffle oil and parmesan cheese, these fries will bring you back time and time again.

Whether you dip them in ketchup, load them up with flavorsome toppings, or eat them plain and crispy, San Diego is brimming with options for fry-lovers of all kinds!