Finding French Fries

Miss B’s Lechon Asado Fries (courtesy photo)

Indulging ourselves in coastal eateries that pride themselves in serving fresh delectable french fries gives us something to look forward to. Who knew that finger length potatoes could bring us so much joy? With a variety of forms this dish can take, fries are quickly becoming a staple side in everyday life.

Located in the heart of Pacific Beach, The Duck Dive provides California foodies with a mix of traditional American cuisine and coastal-inspired dishes. Try the infamous Duck Fat Fries, cooked with roasted tomato aioli, garlic aioli and mole sauce. The laid-back beach vibe makes basking in these trendy dishes more enjoyable with each visit.

PB Fries (courtesy photo)

Fig Tree Cafe resides in Pacific Beach, Liberty Station and Hillcrest, reaching a number of french fry connoisseurs. With a fresh and inviting environment, each location has created a dining experience and scenery that suits the needs of each community. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself by ordering the Truffle Fries. Made with a mix of parsley, truffle oil, and parmesan, this is a choice you surely won’t regret.

Located in Mission Hills, Farmer’s Bottega offers healthy foodies fresh and local ingredients to ensure that this farm-to-table eatery exceeds all expectations. This restaurant has mastered how to give traditional American and Italian meals an organic twist. With an intimate setting and classic decor, this bistro will leave everyone satisfied. Savor theHouse-made Garlic Fries, which are sure to leave you craving more.

PB Shore Club won’t leave you disappointed. Enjoy a full view of the ocean as you dive into the Brisket Fries, made with slow-roasted beef, jalapeno cheese sauce, guacamole, sliced radish, garbanzo beans, black beans, sour cream and grilled tomatillo. Revel in true California culture with this traditional styled beach bar.

Only a short walk away from the shore, Tavern at the Beach supplies San Diego with casual dining and nightlife. The industrial inspired architecture and seaside happy hour will turn this restaurant into one of your go-to hot-spots. Reward yourself with P.B. Fries, made with roasted serrano beer cheese, sour cream, spicy guacamole and salsa fresca with the choice of carne asada or carnitas.

Miss B’s Coconut Club, a Mission Beach classic, has been serving locals and tourists for years. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, a sit down meal, or something to-go, Miss B’s has you covered. Order the Lechon Asado Fries, which are seasoned fries cooked with roasted pulled pork, Jamaican beer cheese and sofrito.