Finding Fall Salads

Salad at Wood Ranch
Wood Ranch Natalie’s Salad (courtesy photo)

While you may be drawn to comfort foods during the shorter days ahead, don’t let salads “fall” to the wayside. Below are some tasty salad options to help keep you in tip-top shape as summer says “hello” to autumn.

Get your fair share of veggies by scooping up a salad at Wood Ranch in Mission Valley. The Natalie’s Salad offers the best and freshest local ingredients available.

Fresh from field to plate, Farmer’s Bottega on Washington Street has a Pecan Chicken Salad that will keep you in shape.

Head downtown for The Smoking Gun’s fully loaded Revolver Salad.

Woodstock’s Pizza’s two locations (SDSU and Pacific Beach) offers a fresh picking with their Strawberry Fields Salad.

Miss B’s Coconut Club in Pacific Beach offers a Jamaica-inspired list of salads, such as the Bistecca Island Salad with mouthwatering citrus-marinated steak.