Finding Cold Brews to Keep You Cool and Caffeinated

Miss B’s Crazy Joe Davola (courtesy photo)

Summer is in full swing and as the temps across San Diego get warmer, locals and visitors still need a way to staycaffeinated without sweating throughout the day. Luckily for all, there are plenty of places to enjoy cold brews around the city, whether you prefer yours with a dash of cream or combined rum and flavors of the islands. Here are some of the best summertime cold brew beverages to sip on!

San Diego’s favorite brunch joint, Breakfast Republic has a ton of tasty morning meals, with everything from egg benedict plates to gourmet pancakes topped with Oreos, lemon zest and even bacon. All seven locations also offer breakfast beverages including coffee, juices and boozy options like the Horchata Cold Brew. Sweet and creamy Fugu Horchata Vodka is combined with nitro cold brew for a coffee cocktail sure to wake you right up!

Spill the Beans, a Gaslamp District joint serving freshly made, inventive bagels, unique cream cheeses and tasty breakfast sandwiches, also has an impressive list of caffeinated cups. Spill the Beans proudly serves Dark Horse Coffee Roasters in their drinks, which include everything from espressos to house favorites. To keep cool, try the Mr. Ed, a shaken cold brew latte infused with a house-made almond-rose water syrup.

Nothing beats an afternoon pick-me-up and Miss B’s Coconut Club, located just steps from the sand in Mission Beach, is a top spot to imbibe while soaking up the sun. Grab a seat on the patio and order the Crazy Joe Davola spiced rum cocktail. After just one sip of the cold brew coffee, Crème de Banana, Coconut Crème and pineapple combo, you’ll feel as though you’re on a tropical vacation – you might even be tempted to cancel the rest of your plans for the day!

If you’re crunched for time but still need to stop for coffee on the way to work, north county dwellers can swing by Carlsbad’s Park 101! There are plenty of caffeinated creations at their Deli & Dough grab-and-go counter, including a Vanilla Nitro Latte. Made with house cold brew, vanilla, cream whipped and infused with nitrogen for texture, this delightful drink will prove a great way to start your day.

Fig Tree Café’s three locations, in Hillcrest, Pacific Beach and Liberty Station, know that sometimes simple is better. For those really needing a morning perk, they offer a house-made Organic Cold Brew Coffee, served over coffee ice cubes so your beverage doesn’t become diluted as the cubes melt. Pair this with an omelet, Veggie Scramble or any one of Fig Tree Café’s other delicious dishes, and you’ve got yourself the perfect breakfast!