Finding Caesar Salads For The Ides of March

Nautilus Tavern Grilled Mexican Caesar (courtesy photo)

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!” March 15th, or more widely known as the Ides of March, marks a major turning point in Roman history, so why not honor Julius Caesar in a way that pays remembrance while also quelling your hunger? Head to these San Diego restaurants serving up the city’s best Caesar salads for a proper tribute to this important day!

Wood Ranch in Mission Valley slings a mean selection of barbecue entrees, but did you know this smoked meat haven also offers unbeatable salads? If a classic rendition of the salad suits your fancy, dig into their crisp Caesar Salad, which comes in your choice of a half or whole size and is crafted from romaine lettuce, rustic croutons and shaved Parmesan, all tossed in eggless Caesar dressing. Pair this with the location’s warm and welcoming atmosphere for a relaxed and delectable way to spend your day.

March on over to Pacific Beach AleHouse for the Ides and enjoy a spectacular ocean view from their second-story patio, matched with their scrumptiously reimagined Caesar Salad. Slink into a cushy patio seat and watch the waves crash against the shoreline as you savor an intermingling of romaine hearts, brioche croutons, parmesan cheese, fried capers and House Caesar Dressing. By pairing the subtle sourness and herby flavor profile of the capers with the slightly tangy notes characteristic of a solid Caesar dressing, this Pacific Beach staple has mastered this classic salad while also adding a delicious twist.

Seeking a truly unique Caesar salad in San Diego? Look no further than Nautilus Tavern in La Jolla! Admired for its nautical ambiance indicative of the area’s beachy appeal, this charming spot boasts their Grilled Mexican Caesar Salad, an expertly crafted serving of fresh grilled romaine wedges drizzled in house avocado Caesar dressing and topped with pepitas, shaved parmesan, diced tomatoes, blackened chicken breast and fried shallots. This inherently SoCal version of the classic Caesar is the perfect way to commemorate this important day San Diego-style.

Known for their cheesy pizza pies and fresh ingredients, Woodstock’s Pizza in Pacific Beach has garnered a vast following of the city’s foodies, so it’s only fitting that they also bring unbeatable salads to the table! Pay tribute to the Ides of March with their Chicken Caesar, prepared with chopped romaine lettuce, grilled chicken, crunchy croutons and shaved parmesan cheese, all tossed in creamy Caesar dressing. Pair this with their warm and lively atmosphere for a captivating experience that will no doubt make this spot your neighborhood go-to.