Finding Artichokes

DD Spinach Dip at The Duck Dive (courtesy photo)

Whether you’re a die-hard artichoke fan or newly dabbling in the springtime vegetable, these San Diego hot-spots are the ultimate destination for artichoke fans of every level!

The spring season is the rebirth of a bright and blooming environment left behind from the last year- and with it comes a freshness that can’t be compared. Farmer’s Bottega, which boasts a menu of garden-fresh and sustainable menu items, embodies the spirit of the season wholeheartedly. This farm-to-table eatery curates a menu that embraces all-American and traditional Italian cuisine to create natural, organic culinary creations. For a refreshing take on an Italian classic, try their Housemade Artichoke Ravioli. With Mediterranean olives, roasted grape tomato, fresh mint and white wine this bold dish is crafted with love, just like mom used to make.

Making a splash in the beach town of Encinitas, Union Kitchen & Tap has become a hot-spot for locals and tourists alike. With their desire to combine modern comfort with a casual coastal atmosphere, Union Kitchen & Tap fosters cuisine made from scratch, signature cocktails and an extensive craft beer list. Their Mediterranean Flatbread– a blend of arugula, roasted red peppers, red onion, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, sea salt, roasted garlic creme fraiche and, of course, artichokes- is the perfect way to kick your artichoke craving.

In the heart of Gaslamp Quarter, one of San Diego’s most well-known food hubs, stands the elegant and sophisticated Osetra Seafood & Steaks. With a menu filled with handmade pastas, aged meats and gourmet seafood, Osetra Seafood & Steaks epitomizes the freshness of spring. If you’re less of a die-hard artichoke lover but still want to satisfy your palate, try an order of their premium Swordfish. A fusion of fresh swordfish, crab meat, carrot and leek risotto, tomato and an artichoke emulsion will leave you restored and energized on your artichoke-fueled journey this season.

Located in the heart of Pacific Beach, The Duck Dive is known for their beach-inspired atmosphere that pairs flawlessly with a rotating draft beer list, craft cocktails and a seaside spin on classic diner cuisine. Just steps away from the beach, Duck Dive continuously brings locals and out-of-towners together for a contemporary food and drink experience. The DD Spinach Dip, with artichoke and spinach, poblano peppers, chorizo and pepper jack cheese is served with house-made chips in a piping hot skillet- a modern twist on the traditional dish perfect for sharing with artichoke-lovers and adversaries alike!

Well known neighborhood eatery, Farmer’s Table, incorporates honest and organic ingredients with a fresh food-to-fork mentality to create a culinary culture all its own. Taking an innovative twist on family-style Sicilian recipes, Farmer’s Table has quickly become a San Diego staple. TheirStuffed Portobello fuses heirloom tomato, artichoke and bell pepper into a tangy chutney and adds caramelized onions and manchego cheese to successfully integrate the spring vegetable in a subtle but refreshing way.

The Haven Pizzeria, located in the historic neighborhood of Kensington, brings Neapolitan style pizzas and local beer to San Diego. Staying true to the buzzing and colorful energy of Spring, The Haven Pizzeria offers a lively dining experience paired with enjoyable food to bring the flavors of Italy to the local community. With their Create Your Own Pizza option, put your creativity to the test and pick your choice of sauce, cheese, protein and veggies to customize your picture-perfect pizza-pie. Foodies everywhere rejoice in the ability to add as many artichokes as your ‘choke-loving heart desires.