Filipino Dishes With A Modern Twist

Crab Cake: warm crab salad, roasted bell pepper, kaffir rice cake, nasturtium and avocado mousse.

Located among the lush surroundings of the Paradise Point Resort, Tidal is a waterfront restaurant boasting stunning views of Mission Bay.

House Made Pandesal Rolls: sweet bread, garlic parmesan and turmeric butter.

Choose to sit in the open dining room, near the large and bustling exhibition kitchen, or on the outdoor patio with soft breezes and a warm fire pit. Sunsets are especially popular here, with the crimson light shimmering off the water as sailboats gently crisscross the Bay.

Seafood Sinigang: clams, mussels, shrimp, scallop, roasted tomato and tamarind broth.

Working with an incredible team that loves what they do, Tidal’s executive chef Danilo B. Tangalin Jr. helms the kitchen. “We are continually progressing with our cuisine, and we get to showcase a few Filipino dishes with a modern twist,” he says. “Our menu is very diverse, so there’s definitely something  for everyone to enjoy.”

Wild Pacific Mackerel with Macadamia Gremolata.

Tangalin loves the creativity aspect of being a chef. “Every dish we have on the menu has a story, and not just a bunch of things put together,” he says. “I truly believe that cooking is a philosophy and not a recipe.”

Cheeseless Mac n’ Cheese with lobster, carrot honey and cumin purée.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Tangalin grew up surrounded by cooking and the food industry. “My mom was a fishmonger, and I have trained and staged at some of the best restaurants in the country alongside chefs I respect and admire,” he says.

Sea Scallops with marble potatoes, confit garlic, pepperoni jam and chive aioli.

Tangalin says he changes the menu at Tidal as often as Mother Nature allows. “Food is the true star of the plate and not the chef,” he explains. “We definitely have a few favorites on the menu that are timeless, but cooking seasonally is the best part of the job. I call it inspirational cooking. If I see or learn something new, that I know our guests will enjoy, I will definitely change or tweak the menu to keep it progressive.”

Land and Sea Fish n’ Chips: Alaskan halibut, Jidori chicken, green and white asparagus, buttered corn and red shishito pepper.

Unique and playful dishes include a different take on a crab cake, halibut and chicken wings, foie gras “pop tart”, and scallops paired with pepperoni jam.

Jidori Chicken Adobo: caramelized red onion, rapini, patatas panadera and adobo sauce.

Tangalin supports the Slow Food Movement, believing it’s not a movement, but a lifestyle. “I hope that chefs do not support or be a part of something just because it’s popular or a new trend,” he says. “It needs to be a lifestyle choice to benefit us now, and our kids for the future.”

Short Ribs Alla Kare Kare: hearts of palm, long beans, bok choy and spiced peanut sauce.

A great way for diners to explore new flavors is with the four-course tasting menu available at Tidal for $70.

Banana Fritter with goat cheese, Jackfruit syrup and parmesan crisp.

In his home kitchen, Tangalin enjoys making one pot meals with either braised chicken or stewed pork. When he’s not in the kitchen, Tangalin says he loves to shoot pool. “If I wasn’t a chef I would have pursued a career as a professional pool player,” he says. ” I don’t play as often as I want to, but it’s all good because I get to spend a lot of time with my beautiful wife and my two kids.”

©Written by Maria Desiderata Montana

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