Eat Well With Car’s Jars

Car's JarsStaying on the health kick and eating well can be a challenge, especially when it’s so easy to get your hands on sweet treats and salty temptations. But have no fear because Carly McHenry of Car’s Jars has all your healthy eating needs covered!

It is now easier than ever to eat healthy with Car’s Jars. Unlike any other salad company, Car’s Jars salads are made in mason jars and delivered straight to your office or door! They are packed and layered in a way that allows them to stay fresh for up to five days when refrigerated. Car’s Jars only uses seasonal, fresh, locally-sourced produce and homemade vinaigrettes. When you’re ready to enjoy a salad, simply shake it out onto a plate. The dressing finishes the salad, along with specific toppings designed for each jar. There are also different ways to eat Car’s Jars. It can be heated and used in a wrap, or combined with your favorite meat or other ingredients as a main dish. Placing your order is quick and easy. You can place your order online and choose from a wide variety of salads and the monthly “soup du car”.

Car’s Jars will help you stay healthy and make sure you are getting your daily dose of greens and veggies. Remember, a healthy outside starts from the inside!