Don’t Miss The New Fishmonger’s Market

Fresh seafood available for purchase
Located within 57 Degrees, Mission Hills’ wide-ranging wine retail and storage facility, Fishmonger’s Market is San Diego’s call for an honest, European-style fish market and dining destination.

Assorted Crudo

Celebrity Chef Frankie, known as “The Bull” Terzoli in culinary circles is at the helm, offering an exciting seasonal seafood collection, and presenting diners with off the boat selections at wholesale prices. 

Fishmonger’s Paella

His decades of knowledge as a seafood buyer, second-generation fishing captain, and international chef, are reflective in every food presentation that comes out of the kitchen.

Grilled Swordfish Sicilian Style (Frankie “The Bull’s’ Father’s Recipe)

With years spent as an authentic fishmonger learning every aspect of the seafood industry, Terzoli is a former Top Chef contestant and Cutthroat Kitchen victor.

Courtesy photo

Terzoli creates an unbelievably rich and creamy New England-Style Clam Chowder with fresh ocean clams, potatoes, and a vegetable medley (get the recipe here). Not to mention that this crowd-pleasing dish worthy of seafood fame is extremely easy to make!

Ricotta Cake

Fishmonger’s Market | 1735 Hancock St R, San Diego, CA 92101

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