Discover Wagyu Beef At Osetra

As the world’s priciest beef, Wagyu meat comes from a group of Japanese “breeds, most notably from the Kobe region of Japan, an area with a climate, tradition, and environment that is well-suited to raising cattle with extraordinarily delicious beef. With the reintroduction of authentic Japanese Wagyu to the American market, the “steaks” have been raised for high-end restauranteurs. This Japanese super-beef, equivalent to the caviar of meats, has chefs having a cow to get the meat on their menus. So what’s the big deal with Waygu?

It all comes down to the fat. Most of the savory flavor of meat comes from the fat in the tissue, and Wagyu meat is valued for an incredibly high level of fat marbling. While the best cuts of Western beefs often have white streaks, true Japanese Wagyu is more similar to a cut of white with streaks of pink! Wagyu fat isn’t just any fat either – a soft fat with a low dissolving point, this certain fat makes for not only the richest but also the juiciest steak in the wide world of meat. Boasting a mouthwatering depth of flavor and a supremely tender and succulent texture comparable even to lightly cooked fish, Wagyu has no equal when it comes to steak.

Here’s the rub: not all the wagyu you’ll see is actually Japanese – in fact, only a small amount is. If the beef is simply labelled “wagyu” but not verified as authentically Japanese, it is likely to be only half wagyu. Many chefs use the label to beef up their menus, with only the most prestigious of restaurants laying claim to the real deal. One such eatery is Osetra Seafood & Steaks, a prominent feature of the lively Gaslamp district of San Diego and one of southern California’s premier destinations for fine dining and nightlife. Promising an upscale, exclusive dining experience like no other, Osetra combines modern flavors with imported, high-end Japanese A9 grade Wagyu beef, along with USDA and Australian prime steaks and an extensive variety of premier seafood. All Wagyu is hand-cut by order, as Osetra is dedicated to crafting the finest quality dishes using only the freshest ingredients and sophisticated flavors.

This can’t miss dish is a bucket list item unlike any meat you’ve ever tasted. Keep an eye out for restaurants carrying authentic Japanese A grade Wagyu, a diamond in the rough in the American meat market, for a dining experience that will never disappoint.

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