Dine.Direct Now Offering Free Service to all California Restaurants Until Outdoor Dining Reopens

Dine.Direct, which provides restaurants with innovative technology to help them survive, has introduced “Easy Order,” a platform to eliminate restaurants’ dependence on expensive third-party delivery companies. Developed to foster a community of restaurants, technologists and supporting industries whose mission is to give restaurants the tools they need to thrive, Dine.Direct is giving away “Easy Order” for free to all California restaurants until outdoor dining reopens.

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“Restaurants are fighting to survive,” said Ken Irvine, co-founder of Dine.Direct and owner of San Diego-based restaurant, Bleu Bohème, as well as restaurant consultancy firm, Irvine Hospitality Group. “Closures and capacity limits plus high fees from third-party services have been a one-two punch. Dine.Direct’s solution was designed by restaurants, for restaurants; as a way for them to no longer be reliant on expensive third-party services. With Dine.Direct, restaurants have control of their own customer experience, reputation and money.”

Dine.Direct’s “Easy Order” product is browser-based, with no app download required. It can be seamlessly integrated into restaurant websites for convenient ordering through a computer or handheld device. Restaurants can also share their online menu with guests via text using SMS. Dine.Direct’s smart menu enables restaurants to display their own brand and large photographs of menu items, which has thus far resulted in a 16% average increase in order sizes compared to phone-in orders and text-only menus.

Restaurants are represented by a virtual server in the form of an avatar, which can be customized to match their brand. For example, Irvine’s Bleu Bohème uses an avatar in a beret and red scarf that goes by the name, Chloè. The virtual server also helps guests communicate directly with the restaurant and provides regular updates on the status of an order.

Third party delivery fees are typically 30% of the order, and prior to COVID, many restaurants justified the cost of these services by viewing them as an advertising expense versus a revenue stream. In the wake of COVID, deliveries have become vital for survival, so restaurants, already navigating razor-thin profit margins, are struggling more than ever to absorb the high fees.

Dine.Direct does not require a credit card, set-up fee or minimum terms. Dine.Direct is waiving all charges during the current restriction on outdoor dining. After these restrictions are lifted there is no monthly fee and restaurants never pay more than $1 an order. Restaurants also keep all gratuities. Restaurants can set their own delivery fee, or even opt to not have a delivery fee, as well as set the delivery area based on distance from the restaurant. Many restaurants are already saving thousands of dollars a month using “Easy Order” from Dine.Direct.

Dine.Direct is an Allied Member of the California Restaurant Association, which has provided much-needed support for restaurants throughout the pandemic.

“The Dine.Direct community believes that technology should work for restaurants, instead of restaurants working for tech companies,” said Ralph Burleson, founder and CEO of Dine.Direct. “Our platform, ‘Easy Order,’ is the first of many offerings designed to help restaurants delight their customers and hold onto a greater share of their revenue.”

California-based restaurants interested in joining for free during the shutdown may contact Dine.Direct on the website at https://more.dine.direct/free-california/, at support@dine.direct or by calling 775.580.3200. More information about Dine.Direct can be found on the website at more.dine.direct.

About Dine.Direct

Launched in August 2020, Dine.Direct fosters a global community of restaurants, technologists and supporting industries to provide restaurants with the tools and support they need to gain power and thrive. The company’s platform, “Easy Order,” makes it possible for restaurants to utilize their own infrastructure in lieu of third-party vendors to facilitate their own takeout and delivery orders. Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Dine.Direct is now serving clients across California, Nevada and major cities in Mexico. More information about Dine.Direct can be found on the website at more.dine.direct and by calling 775.580.3200.