Creative Mexican Cuisine At Curadero

Sopa (courtesy photo)

The vibrant and bustling downtown Curadero Mexican kitchen never disappoints when it comes to delivering creative, fun food and drinks worth dining for. Executive Chef Brad Kraten’s latest dinner menu takes diners back, with the addition of dishes that bring on flavor, and nostalgia. A selection of sopes start the meal, with Kraten’s Pozole Rojo – stew of pork shoulder, hominy, chiles with cabbage, radish, lime and oregano – and Caldo de Pollo with guajillo chili, seasonal vegetables and avocado. Move on to larger plates like the TJ Caesar Salad, prepared with whole leaf romaine lettuce, or the New York Steak Carne Asada with chiles toreados, nopal asado, green onion, avocado silk and house-made tortilla. | Downtown