Comfort Food Defines Tradition

Mom’s Peach Cobbler at Wood Ranch

There’s no one food that defines American comfort food. Filled with an array of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and traditions each state has developed their own comfort food. One thing these dishes have in common is their ability to make you feel warm, nostalgic, and just a tiny bit indulgent. Get a national taste of comfort food dishes right here in San Diego.

Peach Cobbler – Georgia

A classic Southern dessert, dozens of places serve up treats that feature Georgia’s finest peaches but only Wood Ranch in Mission Valley gets it right. This deep dish cobbler is made with Freestone peaches and topped with whole grains, brown sugar, cinnamon and scoops of vanilla bean ice cream.

Gumbo – Louisiana

There are few dishes more representative of the great state of Louisiana than gumbo. Gumbo is defined by its roux and thickened, seafood or chicken and extra additions like okra or hard-boiled eggs. Brazen BBQ makes a hearty Cajun Gumbo with smoked chicken and Cajun sausage served over a bed of white rice. Try Brazen’s take on this Louisiana staple.

Pizza – New York

There’s no slice of pizza that’s more iconic than a New York slice of pizza. The magic lies in the light, crisp crust and the perfectly elongated triangular slices. The New Yorker in the Gaslamp Quarter has brought slices of the Big Apple to America’s Finest City. Get a pie in this East Coast neighborhood bar and kitchen while embracing Southern California weather.

Clam Chowder – Massachusetts

Decadent and quintessentially New England , clam chowder is an East Coast favorite. To get a bowl of chowder on the West Coast stop by any of the Fish Shops (Pacific Beach, Encinitas and Hermosa Beach). Following the traditional recipe Fish Shop makes a classic bowl of clam chowder than you can even get in a bread bowl!

California – Burritos

Lucky us. We don’t have to travel very far for good burritos. Burritos have become a regional favorite and a California super star. The most notable San Diego burrito is the California Burrito, better known by its stage name “Cali Burrito”. The Taco Stand (Downtown, La Jolla and Encinitas) has one of the best Cali burritos in town. Flame grilled Angus steak, cheese, fries, guacamole, tomato, salsa and sour cream.