Chocolate Bars from Iceland

Celebrate the spirit of the season with Omnom Chocolate’s hauntingly tasty chocolate bars from Iceland. Omnom has always embraced the Nordic culture of storytelling, evident in their folklore-inspired artisan chocolate bars. This Halloween, Omnom has a couple tricks up their sleeve – in the form of chocolate, of course. Meet Black N’ Burnt Barley and Coffee + Milk: Omnom’s darkest white chocolate bars.

Black N’ Burnt Barley

Despite it’s pitch-black look, this “dark” chocolate bar is actually white chocolate. Inspired by the volcanic island Omnom calls home, this black chocolate bar is made with real lava salt, boasting a rich toasty flavor of malt and barley, reminiscent of burnt toast + hints of coffee.

Coffee + Milk

This spooky white chocolate bar is made with coffee beans instead of cocoa beans! This creamy cappuccino-esque chocolate treat contains as much caffeine as a shot of espresso, with flavors of hazelnut, raisin, and peanut butter – with background notes of buttery popcorn & waffles.

Bars are available on + Amazon and imagery is available here.

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