Celebrate World Whiskey Day

Whether it’s stirred, shaken or straight up, whiskey is known as one of the world’s most cherished spirits. That’s why on May 20 the globe will be honoring World Whiskey Day and San Diego bars and restaurants will be hosting some special celebrations of their own. Head to these locations around the city for exclusive access to rare bottles and sips of whiskey on May 20!

The Waterfront Bar & Grill, San Diego’s oldest bar, has been pouring whiskey in Little Italy for over 80 years. In honor of their history with the liquor, this family-owned bar has started a Whiskey Book of the Month Club throughout San Diego with additional participating locations at Midway’s Banzai Bar, Downtown’s Werewolf and Point Loma’s Harbor Town Pub. Waterfront’s “Whiskey Book” gives connoisseurs of the craft access to some of the lowest prices on true double glass pours and bottles of rare whiskey to take home. The club gives whiskey lovers and experimenters alike the chance to try limited-time bourbons, scotches, rye brands and tastes from foreign countries like Japan, Ireland and Canada.

There is no better way to celebrate World Whiskey Day than at a bar that has the spirit in its name! Just in time for May 20, Whiskey Girl had launched their whiskey locker, a club for whiskey lovers who want to keep their prized and exclusive bottles in safe quarters, but ready to drink anytime at Whiskey Girl. In honor of the holiday, lovers of whiskey can also enjoy their selection of over 70 kinds of whiskeys such as Bulleit Frontier, George Dickel Tennessee, Johnnie Walker King George V, and several brands that have been barrel-aged for eight – 21 years.

A BBQ hotspot bringing western, rustic ambiance to the area, Wood Ranch is a perfect Whiskey Day destination. Celebrate with Whistlepig 12 Year Rye, known for its aromatic qualities, with oxidized wine notes melded with dark chocolate and rhubarb character. On the palate, this particular finished release brings golden syrup and bright citrus notes, while offering winey pungency.

If a trendy atmosphere in the Gaslamp District is where you’re headed, look no further than barleymash. Adorned with chic décor and serving inventive dishes and cocktails to match, this is the ideal spot for anyone seeking a whiskey-infused cocktail. Sip on their Whiskey Mule, a lively concoction of Jack Daniels Whiskey, mint, peach, lime and ginger beer. Bright and fruity with the dark caramel features characteristic of Jack Daniels, this is not your average mule!

If farm-to-fork is your thing, and bourbon is your whiskey of choice, Farmer’s Table in La Mesa is your Whiskey Day go-to. Enjoy a farm-inspired atmosphere adorned in quaint décor, and dishes brimming with farm-fresh flavors. Bring on the bourbon with Where the Buffalo Roam, crafted with Buffalo Trace Bourbon, basil, lemon juice, simple syrup and Angostura bitters. Deemed a relatively entry-level bourbon, Buffalo Trace offers a nose of caramel, honey, orange and vanilla, accompanied by sweet and mellow brown sugar, vanilla and toffee palate notes with an oaky finish. Paired with citrus notes and subtleties from the Angostura bitters, this libation is a dynamic option for cocktail connoisseurs and whiskey-lovers alike.

If a French bistro setting seems more your speed, spend your World Whiskey Day at Et Voila on Adams Avenue. Quaint and welcoming, Et Voila offers classic French cuisine paired with a lengthy cocktail list, full of creative blends and a variety of spirits. Celebrate with a Black Rye Manhattan, made with Old Overholt Rye Whiskey, Carpano Antica Formula, Amaro Averna, orange and Angostura bitters. Laden with sweet notes of caramel, graham cracker and cinnamon on the nose, followed by woody hints of lemon pepper, spicy and subtle fruit notes on the palate, and finished with oaky green apple notes, Old Overholt is the true star ingredient in this intricate cocktail. Paired with subtle citrus notes and the cocktail’s best friend, Angostura bitters, this dynamic libation is the sure-fire path to Whiskey Day success.

A local hangout decked in modern décor, True North Tavern in North Park is idyllic for whiskey festivities. Sip on My Little Friend, a mixture of Old Forester Bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino, Punt e Mes, Blooming Garden Tincture and Peychaud’s Bitters. Rustic, bold and full-bodied, Old Forester Bourbon is America’s first bottled bourbon, bringing a historical quality to this complex cocktail, intermingled with floral, piney notes associated with Luxardo Maraschino.

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