Cafe Gratitude 2 Year Anniversary

Courtesy photo

Café Gratitude is a 100% organic, plant-based restaurant that changes their menu every few months to ensure their food is made with only the freshest, seasonally-available ingredients in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood.

The San Diego location of the popular LA-based restaurant group is nearing its second anniversary. One of the crowd favorites that has established itself is the ‘I AM MAGICAL’ (menu items at Café Gratitude are ordered as affirmations) — a Double Double-style burger that satisfies even the most hesitant of veggie eaters. Two house-made black bean patties are layered with fresh tomato, red onion and chipotle ketchup then topped with a thick melty layer of cashew macadamia cheddar in between a hearty gluten-free amaranth & millet bun served with roasted chunks of garnet yams on the side.