Breakfast Republic Hatches In Liberty Station

Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic has officially opened its doors to hungry morning birds landing in Liberty Station. Having just hatched on July 16th, this new location has added an impressive cocktail menu to its flock of chirp-worthy dishes. You’re familiar with their location in North Park, but you’re sure to find some surprises in décor and taste at Liberty Station. I would love to invite you to start your day on the right foot (or claw) and see why BR will make you want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Breakfast Republic Oreo Pancakes
Oreo Pancakes

Craving what’s offered on their North Park menu? Not to worry! Liberty Station features the same out-of-the-box creations such as their Shrimp & Grits Breakfast and Breakfast Mac ‘n Cheese. You can also order a flight of their Pancakes or sampler of their French Toast with flavors such as Lemon ‘n Coconut, S’mores, Oreo Cookie and Mint Chocolate Chip.

While North Park offers an impressive selection of local craft beers and unique drinks, you can expect that, and more at Liberty Station.  Their brand new “cock”tail menu is no yolk. Okay…maybe a little bit of egg is involved! The menu mixes breakfast with pleasure with fun concoctions such as their Whiskey Sunny Side Up with Slaughter House American Whiskey, lemon, cane sugar, red wine and egg white. Or you’ll love their Spicy Karma with Karma Tequila Blanco, jalapeno pepper, lime, cilantro and agave. 

2865 Sims Road, Ste 106
San Diego, Ca 92106

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