Breakfast Company Welcomes Brunch Lovers

The much-awaited second Breakfast Company excitedly welcomes brunch lovers, in the heart of the Gaslamp! Known for their tantalizing twists on traditional breakfast staples, modern vibe and warm staff, the restaurant is undeniably an instant hot spot for downtown dwellers.

From the same owner/founder of San Diego’s most well-known breakfast model, Breakfast Republic, Gaslamp Breakfast Company’s menu boasts fan favorites, such as their infamous and super-savory Mashed Potato Waffles, topped with a mouthwatering cheese sauce, spicy sausage, green onions and eggs. Their most frequently ordered (and hangover-curing) Fried Rice Benedict is also a must-try, paired with coffee served in an oversized mug – a caffeine connoisseur’s dream. Plenty of their signature veggie-inspired libations are available at the bar, along with crafted espresso drinks, such as the Golden State Latte and the Dirty Beet Latte.

Positioned in an impressive 3,148 square-foot space that includes a robust patio, perfect for people watching, the restaurant is both inviting and intimate. Their stylish décor, eye-catching use of color and perfectly placed lighting, warms the immaculate, industrial atmosphere.

As a part of the San Diego-based Rise & Shine Restaurant Group, the second Breakfast Company joins Breakfast Republic, Fig Tree Café, Feast & Fareway, and Liberty Station’s newly revamped Mexican restaurant, El Jardín Cantina. Pioneer of San Diego’s brunch culture, Johan Engman has not only created a lifestyle for those who want to enjoy fantastic food, he’s also become a local star and industry leader, with his unending thirst for revolutionizing the breakfast world and beyond. He’s done it again, and there’s much more to come.

Come spoil your palate with an exceptional selection of food and drinks, and welcome Breakfast Company to the table… again!

Breakfast Company is located at 551 J Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Open daily from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.