Brazen BBQ Offers New Saucy Options

San Diego Food FindsIt’s no secret that bbq and bbq sauce makes everything better, and there’s no better place to explore your saucy options than at Brazen BBQ. Even more? Brazen’s pitmaster and owner, John Bracamonte, has added new menu items to the already crave-worthy dishes!

At Brazen BBQ, the name speaks for itself. Given the innovative restaurant’s bold flavors, delicious dishes and incredible southern style barbecue, this Hillcrest eatery has every right to be unabashed about its cuisine. Located on the corner of Washington and 5th Street, Brazen BBQ’s home resembles a cross between a rustic barn and modern warehouse, which perfectly reflects the restaurant’s mixture of traditional and innovative offerings on a menu that continues to surprise customers. And on top of that, after its first year competing on the national barbeque circuit, it earned the coveted Rookie-of-the-Year award, finished in California’s top ten, and the nation’s top 100. Now that’s what I call BBQ.

So how about that BBQ sauce? Brazen has proudly added new dishes to the new menu that are nothing short of drool-worthy. Try the Creole Deviled Eggs or the Fried Green Tomatoes. A specialty plate of Fried Chicken with a side of Bacon Brussel Sprouts and Collard Greens. For the vegetarians who love Brazen’s house made bbq sauces, Smoked Jackfruit can be subbed for any BBQ meat. Your favorite barbecue joint just got so much better.

Come in, pull up a bar stool in the saloon and order up your favorite bbq bites! Don’t forget to wash it all down with an ice cold beer. See you there!

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