Bartender’s Weekend at Duck Dive

Duck Dive will be hosting Bartender’s Weekend Tuesday, March 21st from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Join the fun crew for a ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ themed beach party and crafty cocktails. Duck Dive will also be celebrating the release of the Famed Fernet Coin. According to Tales of the Cocktail, Fernet coins were modeled after U.S. Military challenge coins. The coin symbolizes experience and talent behind the bar. The esteemed group of bartenders who receive these sought-after coins are encouraged to carry them at all times, ergo – the popularity of the Fernet coin tattoo was born. In order to earn one, your knowledge is tested by tasting cocktails and answering questions about the spirits. If you pass, you are allotted a coin. More than the coin giveaway, Bartender’s Weekend at Duck Dive, will have $5 appetizer specials, a themed cocktail menu, bartender palate test, guest bartenders and more!