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BacktoRootsBilled as an Artisan Foodie’s market, the Banker’s Hill mini-specialty market will showcase local and international artisanal purveyors, spotlighting the importance of craft in the food industry.

Back to Roots

Philip Ariza, who along with his brother Jan, heads El Campito Farms located in Descanso, specializes in heirloom varieties of produce which are hand-harvested daily, using deep-organic methods to create very rich soil without the use of organic fertilizers or pesticides, providing local distribution to noted San Diego restaurants and a biweekly farm stand.

Spaniard Alvaro Miranda, whose family has long been involved in making cheese and raising pigs, established Iberico Taste 3 years ago, specializing in importing products including Iberico ham, chorizo, and truffle oil mainly from Spain. Limited production, high quality artisanal producers make up a portfolio which includes unique items such as Jamón Ibérico (Iberico Ham) is a unique ham, cured for up to four years, which comes from an ancient breed of pig found only on the Iberian Peninsula, known as Cerdo Ibérico, or “Pata Negra” for its black hoof. Philip and Alvaro together identified a need among food connoisseurs to source handcrafted items locally and abroad, created a partnership, and Back To Roots Market was born. Back to Roots is designed to bring people back in touch with what they eat, according to Philip, “offering varieties and products that don’t necessarily last the longest on the shelf, but are flavorful and hormone and chemical-free”.

Back to Roots
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With Iberico Taste and El Campito Farms as permanent vendors, Back to Roots brought in renowned regional Chef Flor Franco’s healthy food to go, including organic roasted chicken and seasonal items, to feature in her “Esquina de Flor” (Flor’s corner). Other purveyors brought on board include Prager Brothers Artisan Breads, started by Louie Prager, a plant biologist with a degree from Cal Poly, and his brother Clint, a professional musician, with their production of handcrafted and naturally leavened whole grain and rye bread. Taste Enoteca’s Chef, Martin Gonzalez, will have fresh-made pasta and sauces available including carrot and ginger tagliatelle and sugo al pomodoro.

Back to Roots Market is located at 3318 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92103 and will open November 19th, 2014

To round out the mix at Back to Roots Market, Descanso Valley Ranch, with their locally raised chickens and eggs from Farmers Carl and Tamara, was also selected along with Baja Food + Wines for its cellar curated by Fernando Gaxiola, offering boutique, family-owned and artisan wineries from Valle de Guadalupe in northern Baja California, from where 90% of the Mexican wines are produced. Also featured are ceramics by Karla Patterson, abstract and organic pieces which bring together elements of nature, color and texture, as well as custom furniture from Planet Rooth Design Haus.

Back to Roots Market

3318 5th Ave, San Diego, CA 92103
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*Courtesy information Yolanda Selene Walther-Meade