Artful Compostions at Et Voilà! French Bistro

Moules Au Bleu at Et Voilà! French Bistro
Moules Au Bleu

Ludo Misfud, owner of Et Voilà! French Bistro, is serving up authentic excellence in the vibrant neighborhood of University Heights.

Salade Lyonnaise at Et Voilà! French Bistro
Salade Lyonnaise

Well versed in fine dining, Misfud redirected the design away from  the stuffy stereotype of upscale eateries. The space was designed to feel polished and elegant with a laid-back energy. Et Voilà’s sultry ambiance creates a romantic and relaxed atmosphere for couples, families and friends.

Fromage Plate at Et Voilà French Bistro
Fromage Plate

Executive Chef, Vincent Viale has mastered the art of blending French classics with his own innovative flare. The extensive menu is replete with both traditional and contemporary French dishes. Taste for yourself –  the duck confit, coq au vin, steak tartare, onion soup gratinee, moules frites, and escargot are some of their most popular dishes. Don’t forget about dessert! Or  Ne pas oublier le dessert! You will regret leaving before you try the soufflé.

Duck Confit at Et Voilà! French Bistro
Duck Confit

Viale’s brilliant menu is a canvas to be painted in reds and whites. Traverse the far reaches of France through Et Voilà’s curated wine list. Choose from an abundance of French wines; Where notes of elegance, sophistication and appreciation for the finer things capture the style of the French themselves.

Colorado Lamb Top Sirloin at Et Voilà! French Bistro
Colorado Lamb Top Sirloin

It’s time to make your way from the wine cellar to the bar.  It doesn’t need to be midnight in Paris to sip classic French aperitifs. Et Voilà’s master mixologist, Sami Saltagi is sure to shake, stir and garnish his way to your heart. Each of his complex cocktails are a work of art.

Blackberry Souffle at Et Voilà! French Bistro
Blackberry Souffle

Saltagi’s spirited dedication behind the bar seems to be contagious throughout the restaurant. The enthusiasm is transparent among the entire staff. All of the servers are polished, professional and accommodating. Each has acquired a wealth of knowledge and extensive understanding of the menu and wine list. They are able to confidently educate customers about French cuisine while maintaining a humble disposition. Which is no easy feat.

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