9th Annual San Diego Spirits Festival

San Diego Spirits Festival is THE major Cocktail Culinary and Cultural extravaganza celebrated annually each summer on San Diego Bay.

The goal of the San Diego Spirits Festival is to advance the industry and all that it encompasses via market launches, industry advancement and exposure, product innovation, education, and of course, a good time filled with entertainment camaraderie and just good fun.

Ranked as one of the top cocktail festivals in America by Fodors, the two day Cocktail Festival attracts thousands of people from all over the country and abroad in order to join the fun and entertainment that the San Diego Spirits Festival has to offer.

From novice enthusiast to the cocktail aficionado, the San Diego Spirits Festival has something to please everyone’s palate.

AUG. 26-27, 2017 \Port Pavilion Broadway Pier\ SAN DIEGO


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