BeShock Ramen Comes to East Village

BeShock Roll: Snow Crab, Avocado, Asparagus, Tempura Green Onion, Crispy Fried Leek, Spring Mix, Tuna Ponzu Jelly and Truffle Oil. ($15)

Nestled in East Village’s culinary enclave, BeShock Ramen & Sake Bar is a trendy addition to San Diego’s diverse and ever-growing restaurant scene. Boasting a menu of authentic Japanese cuisine, BeShock offers ramen yielding a lighter take on the traditional dish, with a focus on local vegetables and classic Japanese seasonings.

Mussels Sakamushi: Roasted Mussels with Saki, Dashi and Green Onion. ($12)

Owners Ayaka Ito and Masaki Yamauchi envision a culinary hotspot tailored to suit the daily lives of busy San Diegans seeking meals that won’t leave them feeling “heavy” or over-indulged. 

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Finding Meatballs

Housemade Meatballs at Farmers Bottega (courtesy photo)

If meatballs are your desire, San Diego is the city to satisfy your cravings with its diverse and ever-growing food scene. Unleash your inner Italian and delight in all the varieties of meatballs that these eateries have to offer! Whether you enjoy them as an appetizer or a main dish, you’ll have a ball with these creative meatball dishes around the city.

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