Whiskey Girl Bubbles and Bourbon 

Bubbles, Bourbon and a Whiskey Locker full of rare spirits… need we say more? On Tuesday, May 2nd from 6 – 9 p.m., Whiskey Girl will be hosting their Bubbles & Bourbon event. 

The evening of hosted cocktails and eats will be in honor of their new Whiskey Locker, a club for whiskey lovers who want to keep their prized and exclusive bottles in safe quarters, but ready to drink anytime at Whiskey Girl. Whiskey Girl has a selection of over 70 kinds of whiskeys such as Bulleit Frontier, George Dickel Tenesse, Johnnie Walker King George V, and several brands that have been barrel-aged for eight – 21 years.

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Vegetarian Dining Options

Muenster Veggie Burger at Pillbox Tavern

Vegetarian dining options are a great way to eat lighter, easy to work into your normal diet. With so many fantastic vegetarian dishes in San Diego, you won’t miss meat when chowing down on these picks.

Farmer’s Bottega in Mission Hills is turning heads with its extensive menu that embraces a fusion of Italian and American cuisine. Embodying the farm-to-table movement, every item offered at this restaurant is prepared with fresh, sustainable produce that is locally grown and their Portobello Napoleon is no exception. Gluten-free and made with tomato, artichoke, bell peppers, eggplant and au jus, this sandwich is so savory and rich in flavor that you’ll forget it’s vegetarian.

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Desserts For National Pecan Day

Chewy Pecan Blondie at Brian’s 24

Did you know that pecans are a great source of Vitamin E? Treat your body and your sweet tooth to San Diego’s finest pecan-infused desserts at these restaurants serving up the best of this nutty dessert essential on National Pecan Day!

Are you a sucker for anything chocolate? Head over to Wood Ranch for their Warm Chocolate Cake, made with Flourless Guittard chocolate cake, candied pecans glazed in their ovens, vanilla bean ice cream and topped with whipped cream. A rich intermingling of pecans and chocolate, this cake will whisk you into a dessert-induced daydream.

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