Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers

(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

Stuffing peppers with nutrients: Protein-rich wild rice in peppers makes a powerful, tasty and colorful everyday meal

Shake up your routine this school year with a healthy and delicious weeknight meal the whole family will enjoy.

All too often, a family’s busy routine doesn’t allow for much time to create a meal the kids will enjoy, especially if the meal involves a vegetable. I’ve created an affordable recipe of fresh green peppers stuffed with a wild rice mixture that’s topped with marinara sauce. It is a colorful dish that’s also a real time saver in the kitchen.

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Savor French Fare at New Parc Bistro Brasserie


Parc Bistro-Brasserie will open in the heart of Banker’s Hill in the former Croce’s Park West space in mid May 2016.

Chef Donald Lockhart, most recently at Cusp Restaurant in  La Jolla, will helm the kitchen and offer a classical French cuisine with coastal favorites, as well as Parc’s own private wine label.

Chef Lockhart has worked with Julia Child and Michel Richard as well as cooking at the James Beard House in New York. By using timeless techniques steeped in tradition, Lockhart’s simple cooking approach is to gather the best ingredients and allow the flavors to shine. He looks to cultivate a sense of community through his dishes and believes his French bistro fare will celebrate local bounty and pay homage to the community that contributes to its success. Guests can expect dishes that stay true to the basics, yet offer a contemporary elements. mdm

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Mission Beach Eatery Offers Island Inspired Dishes

Miss B's Coconut Club Mission Beach
Seafood Ceviche

Tropical birds, tiki gods and colorful flowers come to life in a lively celebration at Miss B’s Coconut Club, a Mission Beach restaurant celebrating San Diego’s nautical and maritime history. Island-inspired dishes make up for the Coconut Club’s unique cuisine, where bold Caribbean flavors meet fruit-infused cocktails. This spring, be sure to plunge into Miss B’s for a classic, Caribbean-inspired menu that’s bringing tiki to the beach!

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We Found Old School Traditional Pretzels

Tavern's Soft Garlic Butter Pretzel SticksHoused in one of the most historic buildings in Pacific Beach since 1997, Tavern at the Beach is a neighborhood favorite that  knows how to make old-school, traditional pretzels.

Whether you like them soft or crunchy, salted or unsalted on April 26th, in honor of National Pretzel Day, head to Tavern at the Beach, a prime Pacific Beach destination and take a big bite into their homemade pretzels.

Chef John's Pretzels at Tavern

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Chicken recipe is light but full of flavor

(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)
(Photo by Maria Desiderata Montana)

My mother’s southern Italian cooking is rustic and fiery, with recipes often calling for sweet tomatoes and hot peppers, the perfect ingredients for an authentic sauce.

Since one of my mom’s favorite dishes is baked Chicken Parmesan in a marinara sauce, I decided to wow her for Mother’s Day with a modern take on this nostalgic dish that is light and healthful.

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Napizza Gains Attention In Little Italy

NapizzaPerched on the corner of Date and India Streets, Napizza is not only one of the newest establishments in Little Italy, it also has a new concept that is gaining attention.

Green certified and committed to utilizing locally sourced, organic ingredients with no preservatives or chemicals, this is not your typical pizza joint. But that new philosophy is underscored by one of the oldest traditions in pizza-making techniques. Pizza la taglio, a centuries-old art of utilizing special four, yeast and water, and allowing for a slow rise to create a product with no equal. The large, square-cut pieces are familiar to anyone who’s sampled street food from Italy’s larger cities.

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