Kitchen 4140

Kitchen 4140
(Photo by John Dole Photography)

Off the beaten path, located an easy drive from the busy streets of San Diego, Kitchen 4140 can be found tucked away at the quiet north end of Morena Boulevard. The space itself was designed with reclaimed wood and metal from a local barn, wall tiles from a small remnant shop in Riverside, tables and chairs handpicked in Los Angeles and a glorious chandelier that Executive Chef Metzger purchased while on a trip to Quebec with his wife. Kitchen 4140 redefines everything you thought you knew about organic, farm-fresh and sustainable cuisine, focusing on two key points: Use locally sourced ingredients and take all the time needed to create every dish to utter perfection. Lovingly nicknamed “The Kitchen,” this innovative eatery has been serving up a variety of breakfasts, lunches and brunches since fall 2010. “Fast food is a term that need not be spoken here,” says Chef Meztger. “Some fans have been known to fly in from faraway locales just to experience the tasty fare. The freshness that comes alive on the plate is mixed with passion, artistry and skill. Our Braised Lamb Shank recipe is a perfect example, combining fresh ingredients for an exciting dish.” The homegrown kitchen, outside the south wall, opens up to the Kitchen’s leafy patio-seating where guests will find an herb garden reminiscent of the kind they might grow in their own backyards. (

Read more about Kitchen 4140 and get Chef Metger’s recipe for Braised Lamb Shanks with Caramelized Onions & Shallots in my newest book: San Diego Chef’s Table: Extraordinary Recipes From America’s Finest City.

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