BO-BEAU KITCHEN + BAR Celebrates the Spirit & Flavors of the Mediterranean

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar (Courtesy photo)

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar  Presents Old World Charm & New World Polish in a French Inspired Setting

Formerly home to the venerable Thee Bungalow restaurant in Ocean Beach, David Cohn of San Diego’s Cohn Restaurant Group enlisted the services of designer Philippe Beltran and Executive Chef Katherine Humphus to forge his newest vision into a vibrant reality. Having formally opened doors to the public in December 2010, BO-beau kitchen + bar reveals an endearing eatery that’s as eclectic as it is charming. Incorporating the flavors and fare of numerous countries known for their deep culinary roots, Humphus takes the reigns in the kitchen after mastering her culinary talents under highly-acclaimed chefs such as Thomas Keller of Napa’s famed The French Laundry and Wylie Dufresne of New York City’s molecular gastronomy-driven WD-50. Beltran is best known in San Diego as the creative mind behind Euro-inspired institutions including Kensington’s Blue Bohème and Vagabond in South Park.

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar (Courtesy photo)

An avid world traveler who was born and raised in Paris, Beltran’s worldly design aesthetic deftly combines elements both rustic and upscale to mimic “Bobo”, an eclectic bohemian-chic Parisian micro-munity. Formerly the meat-packing center of France’s capital, this neighborhood served as the guiding inspiration for this unique new concept. The cozy space artfully implements an array of authentic antiques to bolster the venue’s elegant yet unpretentious atmosphere. Each area of the restaurant is deliberate in its ability to supply an original experience—from a formal dining room lined with tables draped in white linens to an artfully-decorated casual bar area. Guests are also encouraged to lounge under the stars while enjoying a glass of wine and fresh baked flat breads on the patio, which is equipped with the only outdoor Woodstone pizza oven in San Diego.

With ‘Bo’ referring to Bohemian style and ‘Beau’ signifying beauty, guests will be swept away by unique features that transport them to another place and time. Upon entering through an imported ancient Egyptian gate, patrons will take notice of the opening verse of a French love song, Je T’aimais, Je T’aime Et Je T’aimerai (I Loved You, I Love You and I Will Always Love You). The lyrics of this ballad are strategically featured throughout various areas of the restaurant to subtly drive home an omnipresent undercurrent of the romance that is synonymous with the south of France.

Adding to the approachability of BO-beau is the Mediterranean-inspired cuisine of Chef Humphus, who can be spotted preparing a wealth of dynamic offerings from the entryway leading into her kitchen, which is intentionally left open for this very purpose. The inaugural menu features a number of shared items, all of which are available for $20 or under.

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar (Courtesy photo)

Selections include house-made pâté, as well as various tartines such as the Croque Madame Tartine, which features a delectable combination of sliced pork belly, gruyere cheese, fried egg and a Parmesan cheese reduction. The menu also highlights five regionally-inspired styles of mussels and pomme frites, as well as flat breads adorned with flavorful ingredient medleys ranging from roasted brie, beets and curry onion marmalade to braised short rib, horseradish smashed potatoes and chives. Soups, salads and a variety of house-made pastas like fettuccini with duck confit and roasted mushrooms, as well as leek “fondue” mac ‘n’ cheese with cheddar gratinée also decorate the menu. The line up is rounded out with traditional French classics from Thee Bungalow including escargots served in garlic-herb butter, Boeuf Bourguignon and Chicken Fricassé. Desserts, a rotating craft cocktail list and an extensive Europe-centric wine list further sweeten the bill of fare. This new concept is designed to provide perfection for patrons looking for a sumptuous respite from the everyday, or a memorable evening out with that special someone.

ABOUT BO-BEAU KITCHEN + BAR: Located at 4996 West Point Loma Boulevard, BO-beau kitchen + bar brings the flavor, feel and romance of the Mediterranean to San Diego’s Ocean Beach community. Thoughtful, approachable, affordable cuisine is served amidst French farmhouse environs, incorporating elements ranging from rustic and casual to chic and luxurious. Operated by the Cohn Restaurant Group, this warm, comfortable restaurant was designed by notable interior talent, Philippe Beltran (Blue Bohème, Vagabond) and Executive Chef Katherine Humphus (The French Laundry, WD-50). Humphus is chiefly responsible for day-to-day kitchen operations and the menu, which consists of fare available for $20 or less. Dining options include dinner service from 4 p.m. to close, and private event space upon request. For more information, call (619) 224-2884 or please visit

Chef Katherine Humphus (Courtesy photo)

Bo-beau kitchen + bar, Executive Chef Katherine Humphus: Executive Chef Katherine, a native of San Diego, has enjoyed cooking from a young age. She loved cooking with her grandma, but never thought she could make it into a career. At the age of 19, after living in San Diego her whole life she was looking for an adventure and set out to attend Le Cordon Blue in Paris.

By earning a Culinary Trust Scholarship, Chef Katherine’s dream of attending Le Cordon Bleu became a reality. She graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France in 2009 with a Le Grand Diplome in Cuisine & Pastry. Here she developed her personal creativity while mastering the classic, yet intricate, French techniques and methods. Chef Katherine also attended Le Cordon Bleu’s Wine & Spirits Program completing multiple courses in wine education. “I loved the experience – the food and people in France – everything inspired me.”

Katherine’s first restaurant job was at The Prado in Balboa Park, 2 years prior to attending Le Cordon Bleu. She began as a hostess and knew after the first Friday night shift that the restaurant business was her calling. “The ambiance was tremendous – the staff was busy running around, everyone was smiling, the food smelled delicious, the wine was flowing and each challenge became a success. I instantly wanted to learn more.” With her sights set on becoming a chef, Katherine asked to be moved into any position in the Heart of the House. Her request was soon granted and 5 months later she was transferred to the Prado’s bakery. It wasn’t long before she was working as a pantry cook, then moved to a grill station, and finally ended up in the banquet kitchen. Katherine thrived on the constant evolution of her role and fast pace of the Prado kitchen. “I was so excited to be trained in each position and I loved that my job title could change any day – I helped the restaurant in any way I could and I especially liked the diversity of my job. Every day was a new challenge and exciting.”

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, Paris Chef Katherine landed a job working at WD-50 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. She started in the prep kitchen of this Michelin Starred restaurant and was promoted the Meat Entremets station, “the hardest yet most rewarding work environment.”

Home sick for the west coast, Chef Katherine moved back to California and landed an internship with The French Laundry in Yountville, CA. She was delighted to have the internship at such a renowned restaurant and an experience that allowed her to gain excellent prep training as well as time to perfect her knife skills.

In 2010, Chef Katherine headed south to her native San Diego to open her own catering company, Pardon My French. She specialized in French dessert buffets and chocolate truffles. The experience was immensely rewarding and gave her an opportunity to hone her management and people skills.

Reconnecting with the Cohn Restaurant Group Katherine was soon teaching classes at the Balboa Park Food & Wine School. Impressed with her drive, David and Lesley Cohn asked her to assist with the opening of the new concept Analog replacing Mister Tiki in the Gaslamp. Here Chef Katherine assisted with the hiring, training on proper knife skills, safety, and sanitation. She offered new ideas for modifying kitchen procedures and new menu items.

When the position of Executive Chef for the Cohn’s new French restaurant, Bo-beau kitchen + bar (formerly Thee Bungalow) became available, Chef Katherine called David Cohn and requested an interview. David took the meeting, offered her the job, and couldn’t be happier with the decision. Chef Katherine has an undeniable desire to grow and learn and an intense passion for achievement that has brought her so much success at such a young age.

When asked what she credits her accomplishments to thus far, her response was, “Perseverance and the desire to always improve. I have to take more seasoned and accomplished chef’s suggestions and simultaneously lead my team with the knowledge I have gained along the way. I want to smile and have fun at work and at the end of a long hard shift I want all of our guests to have left with full tummies and happy memories of their experience.”

She credits her mom and dad for their support and her grandma for keeping her by her side in the kitchen; making her see that cooking is fun and creative. Chef Katherine is the perfect ingredient to add to the Cohn Family of restaurants. When questioned about her future aspirations the answer was simple, “I want to continue to grow as a chef and help make Bo-beau a great success doing what I love to do…cooking French food.”

Bo-Beau Kitchen + Bar
4996 West Point Loma Boulevard San Diego, CA 92107
(619) 224-2884

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